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Part of Square Enix’s 2008 survival horror game for the Nintendo DS, “The Nameless Game”, or ナ ナ シ ノ ゲ エ ム (Nanashi no Game) in Japan. This video shows how to find each of the special items and get the correct ending. This is an English version translated by fans of the original Japanese version of the game only. It’s done pretty well – easily on par with the official translation jobs run by Square Enix themselves. Nanashi no Geemu is a really cool mix of 3D first-person survival horror exploration and old-school Dragon Warrior / Final Fantasy RPG style (with NES graphics and sounds). Yeah, honey, right ?! The story is very similar to The Ring. If someone plays a game sent to their “TS”, they will die within seven days unless they successfully complete it. You search the real world for clues to try to find the origin of the game, but the closer you get, the more warped everything becomes. Each day begins with receiving an update for your TS RPG game, and as you play each installment and more and more people die of the curse, in-game play begins to affect the real world. and the lines start to fade. It’s absolutely crazy and I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s absolutely fantastic. He keeps the tension on something crazy, and will give you a heart attack at some points with his jumping fears. There are also some big scary moments, well done with FMV. I really loved the styles used by the game. The graphics are amazing for a DS game in the “real world” with its fully explorable 3D environments, and they are a pretty compelling recreation of a Dragon Warrior game circa 1990 on NES . The mix itself is quite edgy – especially when most of the punchy dialogue takes place between tiny sprites alongside a beep-blooping music track. It’s good enough for the beeper though. I was shocked that a DS game could actually be scary, but this one succeeds! Random note – the game often requires you to turn the DS sideways to cycle through the 3D areas, so I edited the video to reflect that. I put the DS Lite system frame to separate the video so that the two screens are properly aligned. Without this space to mimic the distance between the two screens in the system, the images don’t line up properly, and the result is quite unattractive and distracting. There is a slip in the timeline that I didn’t catch in time – just past the seven minute mark there’s an email screen that I forgot to rotate. It only lasts about 20 seconds. On top of that, everything should be fine for the number of times I’ve checked the damn video. 🙂 It’s almost Halloween and I thought this would make a perfect download. It’s short, it’s scary, it’s totally awesome in the way he mixes such different genres with such a beautiful effect. ________ No cheats were used during the recording of this video. NintendoComplete ( hits you in the face with in-depth reviews, archive of screenshots, and music from classic 8-bit NES games! Visit for the latest updates!



  1. It's very good horror game, I wouldn't thought this game would be this good! I am getting silent hill 4 vibes! I am playing it on android with drastic emulator. The only problem is that, game is not in original screen, it is rotated, so I locked it in portrait, and I am playing it in landscape, i have is 2 screens, and running is very hard, as you have to touch screen while dpad up!

  2. This is actually strangely emotional. Well done… I am pretty sure that the sequel (Eye) was also fan-translated. There's also another game that came out only for the mobile phones, I believe; that one won't get localized anymore, which is a shame.

  3. Friendly reminder that Square Enix doesn't localize this game because there is no action elements, despite at the time competing publishers approve games like Ace Attorney, Brain Age, Professor Layton, and Silent Hill Shattered Memories

  4. Back then I really didn’t understand why the sudden staff roll in the middle of Day 4. After playing DDLC I realised it is probably an attempt from the game developers to break free of manipulations, launching the debug mode as an attempt to save the player. Too bad Asahi has absolute control on the game so their attempt is in vain.

  5. super game really!
    I love this style of game , is very original personnaly this style !
    THE AMBIENT of game is very cool.
    the mix between the two style of game is most stylé
    15:48 It remind me the Dragon Quest 8bit the music of game great !

  6. I downloaded the fan translated patch and I played this and also the second game almost 5 yrs ago when I was still in junior , this was one of the games I've ever played❤️❤️❤️.

  7. This game was ahead of its time when it comes to indie games. A horror game where you have to run from the enemy and The story revolving around a cursed retro game.

    Why didn't Square released it in the west and possibly kick started these horror subgenres before Slender or those cursed ps1 inspired unity games came out?

    The same reason why later EA would make Isomniac change Overstrike into Fuse. they brought in a focus group, where's Overstrike was the cartoony trailer here it's they didn't like the gameplay

  8. Although this game looks childish , it is surprisingly horrifying. It's atmosphere is distinct from another horror game. The fact you're actually playing in a NDS embrace feelings like you're into the parallel game world. The history and the conduct along the telling and the way the curse are spreading plus the feeling you're trapped and have to deal when events are happening is something! If you got any preconceptions , try yourself then tell me afterwards.

  9. How sad story is this game, so, the game is project: sun, the kid of Ikuta was Asahi, Asahi hate her mom and dad so much, Asahi feels lonely, in her side (Asahi side), they watch the sunrise, thats the ending, the murder that kills Asahi mom is work on UtaSoft

    But i dont know what is the item collected mean to it, i think that Ikuta was made all of the entire game, not the murder

  10. Ooyama: Ghosts and curses are probably real. This game you're playing is probably haunted, and you're probably in real danger if you don't do something about it soon.

    Also Ooyama: Well, the company's been bankrupt for four years, I heard a little girl answer the phone, and there's absolutely no record of this game ever existing. It's probably fine.

  11. It's so weird, when I started the game I started with a party in the rpg and had to leave town and then was sent straight to the apartment and it had the tutorial instead of at the school

  12. Raped girls everyday.
    Kids with cancer.
    Kids with really vile, horrible parents.
    Drugs, diseases…

    And this psychotic little douchebag made all this fuzz because… her father didn't spend enough time with her?

    The game can be very creepy at times. But the story is lousy and ultimately, ridiculous.

    Good gameplay tho.


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