The Nintendo Switch Game Case YOU Are Looking For


I have a hard time finding good nintendo switch gaming cases so I went on the hunt to find the best one on Etsy! let me know which case you prefer! Code: DRIPMEDIA AC Small Large – game-case 3D printed AC Big VIDEOS ACNH tips from a beginner https: //… SKULL & CO. FULL REVIEW (LITE) SWITCH LITE SKIN THINGS I USE DAILY ?(Affiliate Links)? These help the channel so if you use them , Thanks very much ! 400GB SD card. Skull & Co. Grip Case Set (Lite) Satisfye Grip Set Switch lite 2wDN0ub switch .



  1. The DMG one looks cool, but it looks like that dry 3D printed itchy plastic that screams cheap tat….

    Funlabz Premium case that looks like a Pokédex is the best thing I’ve found to date, it’s only real downside is it only holds 6 cartridges so if you want a good collection you’ll need a few of them. The costs add up.

  2. What i never understand: if we buy physical Games for the sake of saving storage space, why most of this Game Case Solutions have also Micro SD Card slots? I don't know anyone that needs more then 1 Micro SD Card for there Switch (already in the SD Card Slot of the Switch).
    Removing 1 more space for another Game on this Idea, sounds stupid to me.

  3. Funny enough, I might reuse a rather-reliable 3DS case that I can put over my shoulder like a messenger back. I wish I can remember the brand but it can hold A LOT of 3DS (and now Switch) games in the back-most compartment.
    EDIT: Nintendo Elite Transporter from PowerA. The front-most zipper handle broke off a few years back but otherwise still working

  4. I have a Nintendo Pop and Go case(6 in 1) perfect for traveling with and the Nintendo switch (24 in 1) by Hori.. which also fits in my case but stays at home most of the time.

  5. I have a switch handheld grip that has multiple game-slots on the back to carry my games, it’s pretty cool. But maybe I should get one of these cuz I’m running out if space. I’m gonna get the animal crossing one because I love animal crossing.


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