The Nintendo Switch is awesome for Emulation! – N64, PS1, PSP, 3DS and more – Showcase


In this video, we’re going to take a look at the Nintendo Switch and what it can do with emulation. Some things might surprise you!

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00:00 – Introduction
01:23 – Android – Gamecube and more
02:07 – Arcade
02:37 – NES
03:07 – SNES
03:52 – GBC
04:37 – GBA
05:07 – Genesis
05:37 – DS
06:47 – PS1
08:12 – Dreamcast
08:40 – N64
09:40 – PSP
11:37 – 3DS
12:41 – Conclusion



  1. If you don't have a Switch though you're better off getting something like Odin 2 Pro or another powerful Android device since you'll be able to play PS2, Gamecube, and others the Switch can't run.

  2. DS needs some optimization, specially considering MUCH WEAKER phones can perfectly run DS at native resolution, and even at higher, I could run DS perfectly fine with the high 3D resolution option enabled and the Scale x2 filter applied on my old LG Q6, which can't even run Minecraft well anymore, the Switch is plenty more powerfull and perfectly capable of running DS perfectly in terms of hardware capabilities, it's just being limited by software, I wonder how well it would run on Android, considering that under Android it can even run Genshin Impact, and Genshin is by NO means an easy game to run, even current mid ranges struggle with it, said mid ranges will have a literally perfect performance emulating DS, and it's even more clear when you take into account the Switch can even emulate itself under Linux

  3. The 3DS games you demonstrated were shown running at 60fps but those games are supposed to run at 30. I dunno if adjusting that would boost performance but it may be worth a try.

  4. Thats really cool
    Regarding PSP emulation, unfortunately Im pretty sure the emulator doesnt really adjust automatically and there are specific setting like for ex. core clock speed that can be changed per game to make it run smoother

  5. Great vid. But my dude… it's pronouced "Jaann Dark" with a soft "Je" pronounced like the "ge" in garage.

    "D'Arc" is one word… The d apostrophe means "of." She's a French historical figure and in English it's literally "Joan of Arc." So at least go "Jane Dark."

    But GnD Arc??? What the heck bro?! ????

  6. It runs Switch games really well. A modded OLED is the pinnacle of free gaming handhelds. I have a 1.5TB SD filled with 300 Switch games. I learned how to micro solder too. It's hard to even fathom emulation on this system with the full Switch library at your disposal.

  7. If you have a v1 switch I'm pretty sure the android version that runs on it is very old and outdated wouldn't recommend probably has vulnerability security that's been hacked to

  8. it would have been fun to play The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time remake for 3DS on Nintendo switch that would be awesome Nintendo if you're reading this this is a Miss opportunity dude


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