The Nintendo Wii, 14 years later – Review


The Nintendo Wii was released in 2006 and has been an icon in both mainstream gaming culture and pop culture ever since. How does the Wii hold up almost 14 years later? Nintendo Switch in 2020 – Follow me @ 91_Tech! Or not. But please do Insta: Twitter: Join the Discord community maybe? Mario Kart Wii at 4k60fps: Music: A-GON – Simplicity (intro / outro music) Theme song from the Mii Channel Wii Music Store HOME – Native HOME – Burning https: // youtu. be / g- 919xeO39c.



  1. I got an old wii last year from my sister (I was the one asking, in fact). It's an original one I jailbreaked for her 11 years ago. I'd like to play old classic I missed. I played zelda TP, mario galaxy 1, rhythm heaven fever, Metroid Prime series, and I'm trying to get into Okami now, but what I really do regularly are fitness games like wii fit plus and gold gym cardio workout (clever boxing game with 2 wiimotes). Even today, I find it great, especially the fitness games. The controllers are not very precise and only a few games like mario galaxy, metroid prime, wii sport resort and zelda can really make the best out of it. Heck, even Rhythm Fever gave up about motion controllers and focused only on the buttons A and B. The Battalion War 2 game tried to use the wiimote but the game becomes quickly very hard only because of the controllers.
    I don't mind old graphics. I'm kind of the retro gamer who would always go back to pixelated games like doom 1 and sonic 3&k. What matters for me are good gameplay, good level design, great soundtracks and nice well aging cartoon graphics (like zelda windwaker. Even in 50 years, it will look great and clean).
    I don't have a VR set at home (still too expensive) and I'm rather trying to do some programming on PC to use the wiimote instead (with not so much luck, alas). But good to know that VR controllers are a better and more modern version of wii motion controllers.

  2. Can't believe how old the Wii is now. I sold my car and bought a wii and a push bike. I got the last Wii in Aberdeen City. Not sure what happened to my wii , I must have sold it. I sold my switch a couple of years ago for more than I paid for it , and bought some golf clubs. Lol.

  3. I purchased my Wii 2 months ago. I have over 40 games so far. I absolutely love this console. Faves are both "House of the Dead" titles, "Dead Space," ""Mario Kart Wii," "Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection," Sonic Sega racing, to name a few

  4. I always use Joycons in the dual-Wiimote style when playing Switch in home console mode, I don’t know, maybe most play with just one joycon sideways… I have huge hands (in fact, too big to comfortably play with certain controllers, notably Dreamcast and GameCube which always cramp my hands up). Wii and PSX are the two old consoles I still pick up and play. The Wii’s Virtual Console made my SNES obsolete… mainly because my SNES library on Wii is actually superior to my actual SNES.

  5. Well the good thing with the dolphin emulator there is an option where you can install the wii menu to the emulator and it still works. Not to mention whatever game that you set as your default iso you can boot it up from the disc channel.


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