The PlayStation Portable is Still Amazing in 2023. Here’s Why.


The PSP is an amazing piece of handheld history, but how does it stack up in 2023? This video is an extensive look at buying, modding, and gaming on a PSP in 2023. We talk about shell replacement options, IPS mods, retro emulation support, and homebrew applications.

IPS Screen: (This is the kit I used)
Transparent Shell:

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The Quest – 00:00
Buying Used PSPs – 00:37
Repair & Mod Advice – 03:01
The IPS Mod – 09:37
IPS vs. Stock Ghosting – 12:14
Custom Firmware – 14:48
PSP Impressions – 16:28
PS1 Support – 17:27
Dreamcast/Saturn/DS Emulation – 18:20
N64 Emulation – 20:12
SNES/GBA Emulation – 20:50
GB/GBC/Lynx/NGP Emulation – 21:54
PCE/MD/SMS/NES/7800 Emulation – 22:36
Homebrew Games/Apps – 23:15
Should YOU buy a PSP in 2023? – 23:39

Calibration data from Portrait Displays:

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  1. Subscribe if you enjoyed it! I'll have more of these for other retro handhelds throughout the year.

    I have a link to the IPS screen and transparent shell that I used in the description box and you can find the names of all of the emulators that were used throughout the video. If you buy or mod a PSP as I did, those are the ones you should use for the best performance.

  2. sir I have a small problem on my psp 2000 . the screen is totally blue and some text in Multilanguage .It's say setting information is corrupted . press the o button to repair and restore default settings.some peoples call it like the blue screen of death. then I press o its reboot and return to the blue screen . what can I do?

  3. I've bought a PSP on release back in the day. Back then you just needed GTA to install a CFW, no need for a pandora battery. I've done that pretty much as soon as the first CFW came out and the process was reasonably safe, accepting the risk to brick the thing and void the warranty. It was well worth it and I've never looked back. I have the thing still lying around and it is in very good condition. No scratches or anything. I do get the ghosting but that is to be expected considering how old it is and how excessively I used it while commuting. The battery is also dead but that's also no surprise at all, it lasted many years at least. After seeing your video I might get an IPS upgrade done and replace the battery, it really is a great piece of hardware. The only thing bothering me is that it doesn't support USB charging, this was introduced with the PSP 2000 I believe, which is why I'd suggest getting one of these instead of a 1000. USB charging is just way more convenient.

  4. I still have my PSP in the closet, too bad it does not run properly anymore because of the stupid thing I did when I was 14. It crashes on the "Sony Entertainment" title and turns off. Since then I have kept it for nostalgia. PSP was a gift to humanity, too bad it got obsolete way sooner

  5. After more then a decade i’m still looking for video’s of these guys that played Wipeout Pure or Pulse trough X-Link online. They played in First person mode and were EXRTREEEEEEMELY GOOD and had great music taste. Hope someone know who i mean

  6. i have a psp hidden under my bed for like 10 years rn in great condition ,13 GB memory card, with some skratches and probably bad battery, and i am trying to get games on it, so if anyone can advice how to get them in, you can tell me

  7. I still have my Datel battery service tool. As long you have an original genuine battery you can convert it with a simple click of a button (and convert it back to a normal battery once you're done).
    I have an OG PSP-1000 that I imported and it is still working to this day.

  8. I really love this as a fun thing to do, but there are just so many great handheld emulators these days that this just doesn’t seem worth the trouble when you can get a mini plus or 35XX for 50 bucks and get an amazing screen and immaculate emulation.

  9. there are games that just feel right in psp to name some like crash bandicoot, god of war, monster hunter, god eater and medal of honor are some of my all time fav games on psp and if i ever get a spare money i would buy a psp again because my old one broke but i still have the memory card

  10. there is now an exploit for the PSP 6.61 OFW that allows application of CFW without the pandora battery. I did it in about an hour. It does require you be able to access the PSP memory card from a pc.


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