The RAREST (Most Expensive) Nintendo DS JRPGs!


Here are – currently – the rarest / most expensive JRPGs on the Nintendo DS, and some honorable mentions at the end. Enjoy! Join the AWESOME Patreon community here: Follow me on Twitch: Introductory theme by Silent Partner: Grand Navy Plaza. .



  1. My dog, you totally forgot the Megaman Starforce games, every game in the series is expensive AF, but specially StarForce 3, that shit goes for over 150 dollars while CIB! and that has been its price point for a good number of years now, I bought it a couple of months after this video was released and i had been keeping an eye on in for about 2 years at that point, i went for Black Ace, which is the more expensive of the 2 versions, but for about 5-10 dollars. I dont think i'll be getting Red Joker unless i find it extremely cheap.

    Also, a good tip, is try to find boxes or manuals separatedly from the game, thats what i did with starforce 1 and 2, and instead of spending about 70-80 dollars, i spent about 50 per game once all 3 elements prices combined.

  2. I remember back in 2013 after the release of project X Zone i began searching for Super robot taisen og saga endless frontier, due to its similarities in gameplay, and loose carts went for about $80 and complete games were over $100 on Amazonand eBay , then one day my friend and I found ourselves in Gamebox a mom and pop video game store located in the Temple Hills mall in Maryland, then low and behold, I literally found a complete box still wrapped with the soundtrack included on one of the shelves for $20 , needless to say I bought it instantly and was in disbelief of it's price until I swiped my card. One of my all time greatest feelings when purchasing a video game.

  3. I'm just filling up my R4 card with these games. I've got such a ridiculous amount of games to play I swear. I basically have every console and there hacked too so yeh too many. I still buy physical media too as I consider myself a collector foremost but I just love gaming, so much fun. I always take a step back, breath in and just appreciate the effort put into these games.

  4. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier, oh the memories with this game. My dear sir! I agree with you 100% that this is a great game! I loved it when I played it quite a few years ago and still love it! Its my favorite game on the system. Yes I still have my copy of the game and paid for it pretty cheaply about 7 years ago at game stop. I think it was about around $20 to $30? not sure thought it been a long time So i could be remembering the price wrong. But I am glad that I go it and still own it.

  5. I had pre-ordered “Solatorobo”, played it and traded it in to GameStop for probably like $10… I’m kicking myself for that now!!! But it looked like one of those games that would be a decent hit on the system or at least always available!

  6. I find it funny that the Sola to Robo game I got a complete box set in a garage sale for less than $20. I played it for about 10 hours and lost interest. I think its in a box in my basement back in my home town… maybe some lucky bastard will be able to buy it really cheap when my family decides to sell it because I haven't come back in years…

  7. The only people profiting fron these expensive games are grubby resellers and collecters, none of that money goes back to the developers who make these awesome games. Go emulate or get a flash kart if you genuinely wanna play it, otherwise you'll just only want it for its collective value and not because it's a video game that was meant to be played

  8. Yeah i think the most annoying part of the pokemon one is that unless it hasn't been touched, the pokewalker will be effectively useless. I even tried resetting mine to get it to work after I restarted the game and it wouldn't let me connect it to my new game, so if you are the type of player that goes through the game a million times, it is not worth that kind of money to get a crappy toy with the game. Game stop does better for like $40…

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  10. Of the ones you mentioned, I only own the most expensive one. I didn’t pay that much… like a quarter of that but I love Solatorobo Red the Hunter. It’s a great game. One of my favorites
    But I own a few of the rarer games also, A Witch’s Tale, Sands of Destruction, and Luminous Arc. But I don’t buy to many rpgs for the system because most of the time I can’t afford it ?

  11. I have the Radiant Historia launch edition with the music CD, sealed in excellent condition. It used to be considered one of the rarest DS games, but I'm not sure about now. I just like having it on my shelf lol.

  12. I got lucky. Found a copy of Super Robot Wars OG Saga at gamestop, used for about 10 dollars several years ago. They didn't know they had a goldmine waiting.

  13. I managed to snag a complete copy (outer box and CD, everything) of Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier for 130, the guy wanted 160 for it but I managed to talk him down

    it was worth it (for me) cause the music, the characters, the combat system…and it has KOS-MOS!!!! only weak-ish part of the game is the story, its not the most terrible thing ever but its nothing that will really grab you either


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