The Top 10 best PC DOS games of 1981 – 1991


Here are the best games of 1981-1991, the first decade of the PC. I created 10 videos, counting down a top ten of each year. Here’s a summary of all of those years. It also shows how the PC hardware grew up and how by the end of its decade, the platform became a dominant force in gaming.

Space Quest III music by the ‘Space Quest Historian’

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  1. My grandfathers computer had a few games I loved. Late 80’s early 90’s. It was a depth charge/ battle ship type game. You drop a depth charge down into the water. If it was the right move, a red sub would start blinking.

  2. What was absolutely lovely about those early SimXXX games is that they came with a manual that explained the models they used, how they compare to models used in real-life modelling, what limitations and unrealistic features they had… It's a shame it didn't catch on as a standard for all similar simulation games 🙂

  3. The reason PCs took off over Commodore and other computers was because adults had them at work and when they bought one for home this is what they got. I remember Steve Jobs wanting an Apple in every school so that kids grew up with them and would have those in every home but he forgot two things. 1) It is the Adults that buy things and 2) The kids will not be adults until the 2000s which with computers shrinking would go out of style because of a miniature computer in our pockets called the Cell Phone and the one hooked to the TV called the Game Console which was just as powerful as the computers of the 1990s. It got to the point where a "Gaming Computer" was not the most powerful thing you would do on it so people opted for the cheaper options.

  4. Digger is my all time favourite early DOS game (next to Alley Cat). Overall such an excellent game! Superb arcade gameplay, crisp graphics and outstanding sound (for a PC honker that is) using pulse width modulation. Did you know you can actually shoot in this game? Makes it quite a bit easier 😉
    Great top 10 video, excellent presentation; Subscribed right away ????

  5. This is the best compilation of DOS games I've come across. The commentary and background were excellent. It brought back so many fond memories of games I'd played (some of which I'd forgotten) and of games I keep meaning to play. Thank you.

  6. 11:45 Yeah. Because of the turn based and imagination based nature of RPGs, they are absolute naturals on the limited hardware of early PCs. The actual best games of those early years are all RPGs.

    OTOH, almost all of those early RPGs were written for the Apple II, and are best there. You picked great games for showing off the early PC for what it is.

  7. WOW – so much nostalgia! You and I have similar tastes in games! I'm still only a PC gamer all these years later. Great video, so many fond memories.
    Come say Hi at Sierra Gaming World FB group where i'm the admin.


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