The Top 10 BEST Wii Games


The Top 10 Best Wii Games #shorts The 10th on the list is Super Mario Galaxy The 9th is New Super Mario Bros. Wii For 8th place I chose Donkey Kong Country Returns 7th on the list is Super Paper Mario. Nintendo, please port this game to the Nintendo Switch The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Number 5 on the list is Metroid Prime Trilogy, Nintendo is also porting this game The 4th best Wii U game is Super Smash Bros. Brawl Coming at 3rd is Super Mario Galaxy 2 2nd on the list is Wii Sports Resort, although I have made countless memories with my family and friends playing this game. The best game on Wii is easily Mario Kart Wii .



  1. Come on man you should of put Tusunoko VS Capcom in there that game is an exclusive to the Wii the game is better than smash bros brawl and it’s competitive and it’s obviously a Capcom game that should of been in that list don’t know if you played it but play it man it’s fun

  2. In my opinion, I wouldn’t put ports on a top 10 best Wii games. Especially stuff that doesn’t have any new content.

    It’s like saying Kirby Super Star is Top 10 Wii Games but it isn’t a Wii game, it’s an SNES game


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