The Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2020!!


Hello everyone, and welcome to another video here on the channel! In today’s video, I give a list of my 5 best Nintendo Switch games of 2020! These 5 best Nintendo Switch games were quite difficult to choose, as there were a lot of great Nintendo Switch games this year, but overall I feel like this list of the 5 best Nintendo Switch games are the best games. of this year for Nintendo. Switch! Either way, if you enjoyed this list of the 5 best Nintendo Switch games of 2020, be sure to hit that like, comment, and subscribe button for more content! Thank you for your visit and hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas! Social networks: Twitter – # top5NintendoSwitchGames #NintendoSwitch # top5.



  1. What is up everyone, and welcome back to another video! I hope everyone has a safe and great Christmas, and I hope you guys get to at least see someone in your family! I know 2020 has been really difficult on a lot of people, and I've been very fortunate this year, and I hope everyone who stumbles upon this video knows that they are loved and welcomed here! I'll see you guys for the next video next week! Until then guys!

  2. Nice list, let ne add some more amazing 2020 Switch games.

    Xenoblade DE, a masterpiece RPG.

    Paper Mario the Origamy King, a criminally underappreciated game and criticised very unfair.

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps, my personal over all GoTy for 2020.


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