The Uncrowned Queen of Hunters

The Uncrowned Queen of Hunters

With Sumeru on the horizon for Genshin Impact, there is a lot of speculation going around. Most of the time, these deal with who the Dendro Archon is and some theories about which chess piece represents which element. Anyway, one of these theories about the Archon of Dendro relates to a particular set of artifacts, the Viridescent plating.

Viridescent Venerer – Recommended characters and guide

Viridescent Venerer is a set on the theme of green, concerning both the Anemo (teal green) and Dendro elements (leaf green). While its effects are purely Anemo, its lore speaks of a hunter close to nature (Dendro).

Wearing two Artifacts from this set will increase the character’s Anemo DMG bonus by 15%. Equip two more artifacts to increase Whirlpool damage by 60%. It also decreases the elemental RES of targets relative to element absorbed by 40% for 10 seconds.

This is very effective for EM versions of Anemo characters, such as Sucrose, Venti, Sayu and Kazuha. Their bursts can effectively use Swirl’s damage boost. The reaction adapts to elemental mastery, so this is a huge boost to their whirlpool damage. Since their bursts also persist even after the power is turned off, it is easy to take advantage of the reduction of the RES element.

The set of artifacts is less efficient with Xiao and Jeans. It can still work with Xiao with certain character combinations and EM version. To take advantage of the whirlwind damage increase you will need to use something that can apply elementary statuses. Examples of this are Oz, Guoba, Kokomi’s Jellyfish, and Barbara’s E. Additionally, you’ll need to have her Burst active to use it fully.

As for Jeans, she is a healer who excels in her role as her ATK stat increases. Additionally, players prefer to use his E to throw enemies upwards rather than for the Whirlpool effect. Her Dandelion field can enjoy the effects, but again, you better have more EM to enjoy it. This will increase his DPS potential, at the cost of reduced healing efficiency. How to build it is up to you.

Viridescent, the hunter

We don’t know much about Viridescent beyond his hunting skills. Orphan raised in the woods by an unnamed master, she has lived her life in harmony with nature. This resulted in a step always so quiet in the grass or the ground. They say that when she walks barefoot the trees and grass speak of what the birds see or hear the roots. Her human scent is covered by her flowered brooch leaving behind a light scent of wild flowers. Her arrows never fail and she comforts her prey, stroking them as they die.

She lived a simple life of killing in order to survive and conform to the natural order. This order had three principles that she had to follow:

To be pure Never put up with malice Never hunt for any reason other than survival

She believed that as long as she followed this natural order, she would one day arrive at an endless searing plain. And so for many years she lived like that. The description of the tiara artifact said that she could not be crowned Queen of Hunters, as the only one above her is nature itself.

The blind boy and the cataclysm

One day, she stalked contaminated blood through the forest. It led back to the tree she often napped under, where a Cataclysm monster was threatening a blind boy. Viridescent killed the monster, breaking his rule of never hunting anything outside of survival. She did it out of revenge, blood, and pain, as she decided to listen to the boy’s request to hunt the monsters.

At this point, nature had fallen silent, for the God of the Woods (Elder Dendro Archon) had perished in the disaster of Khaenri’ah. She used her compass to track down monsters and stopped hunting birds and beasts.

Viridescent had known, since she had dropped that arrow on the monster threatening the boy, that she would never reach this endless plain. Her life now revolved around hunting for her new prey, and so she left her bow, so that it would not be stained with the blood of monsters.

Her hunt has taken her far, far from the company of other humans. She was not afraid of monsters or beasts, but she was afraid of meeting other humans. All of her time alone made her forget how to speak, and so no one heard her say a word.

Despite her fear, the humans accepted her for a while, but she later left them. When she’s feeling lonely, she uses her ship to listen to the captured voices. As the Crimson Witch set of artifacts, Viridescent’s ultimate fate remained vague and open

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