The underrated masterpiece shooter that's been forgotten… why Mafia 2 is so good


Let’s take a look at one of the most detailed third-person action shooters of all time… We return to Mafia 2, an underrated gem that was ahead of its time at some places, but held back by a few things. What do you think of Mafia 2? Post in the comments below! Like my page on Facebook: Become an Empire Collective partner (like me): SUBSCRIBE: 14hihfM My email for business inquiries: If I don’t answer, here’s another email to contact: business@empirecollective.LA .



  1. Fun fact : before the release the developers decided to have 4 endings of the game , extra side quests and reputation system, but due to lack of time and resources it was cancelled

  2. Mafia 2 isn't good… it's fucking amazing! Like still in my top 5 games of all time. Only beat by silent hill. The little details in this game haven't been topped yet. Mafia 3 was a god damn disappointment


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