The Wii: Underpowered Yet Underrated – Scott The Woz


Scott returns to everyone’s least favorite console, the Nintendo Wii. Twitter: @ScottTheWoz Music used: Wii Sports “Comet Observatory 1” “Title Theme” from Super Mario Galaxy “Underworld” from Super Smash Bros. Brawl “Title Theme” from Rhythm Heaven Fever “Skyloft” from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward “Title Screen” of Donkey Kong Country Sword returns “Battlefield Ver. 2 ”from Super Smash Bros. Brawl “Main Theme” of the 3D Dot Game Heroes Wii Shop Channel “Breakout”.



  1. I love the Wii and not only tolerate the Remote and Nunchuck, I love them so much. Not to mention that Wii Remote held sideways was even better than an Nes controller. I loved the controller setup so much that I play with the Joycons in each hand in the wrist straps to mimic Wii

  2. “Skyward sword might not be the most beloved Zelda game but watch in 5 years, people will consider it the best Zelda game”. It’s only been 3 but looks like that statement is partly true. It just got remastered for the switch and people are going nuts for it. This aged well.

  3. What you said about Brawl is why it's so damned frustrating for me. It had all of these truly exciting new characters and stages yet its so bad in its core gameplay that I didn't want to play it. It was like "oh shit here's Sonic and here's Snake this is awesome!" and then I play the game and want to go back to Melee. Fortunately Smash Wii U and Smash ultimate fixed those problems, but at the time the game was just infuriating. It teased me but never fulfilled.

  4. The biggest disappointed for me when it comes to the Wii is the promise/potential of motion controls vs. what they actually became. Part of this I blame Nintendo for and part of it I blame developers for. What is called "Wii motion plus" SHOULD have been the pack in Wii Mote from the beginning. If developers had access to that type of motion control from the beginning than we may have seen some truly immersive and innovate uses of motion controls. But even without motion plus, developers (including Nintendo) where unimaginative and lazy. All of the waggling crap was completely unnecessary and not at all immersive (except for in Mario Galaxy where it felt natural for some reason). But my biggest issue with developers was how terrible they were at implementing IR aiming for 1st person shooters. The moment I heard about the Wii I thought "this is going to be the best console ever for 1st person shooters". Yes somehow, during the height of first person shooter popularity, the one console that was lacking in FPS's was the Wii. This made and makes no sense whatsoever to me. The fact that gamers would rather play FPS's with old ass, clunky dual analogue controls simply because those systems are more graphically impressive (and in HD) blows me away. Or maybe it's because people are afraid of change. I hate dual analogue controllers for shooting. IR and gyro aiming just feel so right when playing a shooter.

    The Wii was originally codenamed "Revolution" and it had the chance to truly revolutionize gaming, but it mostly failed in that regard. Nintendo didn't make the motion controls what they should have been from the beginning, they didn't lead the way enough as far as innovation in their software, the rest of the developers were even more lazy and unimaginative, and "core" gamers resisted change and would rather play their beloved 1st person shooters with outdated dual analogue controls simply because that's what they were used to. I still believe motion controls will be a huge part of the future of gaming (along with VR and portability), so I think the Wii was in many ways too ahead of its time.


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