These Nintendo Games are very strange: Forgotten DS Games


I recently found two mysterious CDs in a filing cabinet in my house. What could possibly be on them? Well, it turns out that there were hundreds of Nintendo DS games just waiting to be loaded onto an R4 card. In this video, I watch the weirdest and wackiest of them, including huge titles like Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Cartoon Network Racing, Top Spin 3, Tony Hawk’s Sk8land, and Disney Pixar’s Cars. Thank you for watching :). Previous video: Subscribe: Discord: Reddit:



  1. You can really feel how bad games suck you're life energy away. When something supposed to be fun is just the opposite, lifeless and uninspired, i start to feel sorry for the devs lol

  2. When I was very young I remember playing a ds game that I couldn’t find the name of till this day. It’s about a strange magic school where the teachers gathered unique characters from around the world and had to compete in a magic duel to get to the finals. You had to draw symbols on the touch pad of whatever comes up and defend yourself from your opponent.
    I have tried and tried for years to find it but never could but I know it exists because my mind wouldn’t forget a game like that. If anyone has any idea what it could be plz let me know

  3. I remember my Mom bought me Big Brain Academy and Brain Age for my DS when I was like 8. She thought that by giving me educational games like that I’d become a genius. Spoiler alert, it didn’t work. I didn’t even play those games cause I was too busy with Spirt Tracks and Mario Kart DS. Get rekt mom.


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