These Wii Games are worth TONS of money! (LIVE VIDEO GAME HUNTING)


Subscribe now to see new retro video game videos every Monday! It’s time to sell your Wii games… the video game market has exploded! Live Game Hunting Wii tips in today’s video. MERCHANDISE NOW AVAILABLE! PO BOX: Retro Rick PO Box 21901 Little Rock, AR 72221 INSTAGRAM: @retro__rick FACEBOOK: @RetroRick https://www.facebook .com/retrorick1/ MUSIC: HeatleyBros: Goblin From Mars: #Wii #GameCollecting #GameHunting .



  1. Beem doing a similar thing at my house with my moms old books just stuff that she has read and doesn't want or items she thought she would want. I am going through and what doesn't have high value of 10 plus dollars I'm taking to Half Price Books and getting cash. Which is great because anything they don't want they offer to recycle or donate for me which is one less trip. Even going through DVD and VHS I have found some high value items it is crazy when you look at the value you can find just in your own house.

  2. Rick just a heads up, I just sold a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U for $32 plus shipping, that's one of those weirdly valuable Wii U titles just wanted to mention since it was probably thrown back into a drawer

  3. I actually bought 10 wii games like months ago the guy was asking 1 dollar each 3 of the games were animal crossing city folk mario party 8 and mario party 9 sitting in my closet still didn't know they were worth that much

  4. Great video Retro Rick! There really are some Nintendo Wii eBay gems out there and you definitely have (had?) several of them. Happiness is going from the Chicken Blasters of the world to Arc Rise Fantasia and Klonoa baby! 😉 You did the same thing I do whenever I pick up something that isn't worth anything. It goes straight to the trade-in (or Goodwill) pile!

  5. I cant stand game x change the one we have in fortsmith is way to high and dont give good offers thats why I switched to selling online nice video I subbed


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