This 2022 3DS Jailbreak Guide Is EASIER Than Ever!


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2022 is the best year EVER for jailbreaking all 2DS & 3DS models! This guide will show you how.
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3DS Hacks Guide

Enter movable.sed And Mii Code Here

Pokemon Picross QR code








Universal Updater

Homebrew Launcher Wrapper



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0:00 How To Jailbreak 3DS 11.15
0:57 Mii & Bot Making Friends
4:27 Pokemon Picross – It’s Free!
5:45 The Right Files In The Right Places
17:07 Rosalina Greater Than Peach
19:54 You’re Now A Special Agent
21:05 GodMode9 & Finalizing Setup

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  1. I got to the point where you open the Pokémon game and it will not work it shows up red on the bottom screen and white on the top screen and then says "An error has occurred, forcing the software to close. The system will now restart. (Unsaved data may be lost.)" Can someone help me with this?

  2. Thank you so much for the video ! Ive successfully accomplished to jailbreak 2 of my DS’s. Im now trying to jailbreak a new DS , and I’m having issues and I’m stuck on 4:35 the QR code never appears ? My PC can’t open or read the .sed file (QR Code) im just concerned if I don’t figure this out in time after 3/27 the eShop closes and I won’t be able to download the “Pokémon Picross” to continue the process ???? thank you for all the information !

  3. Quick Question: When you say download the latest versions of Luma3DS and Universal Otherapp, does this mean that if a later version of those downloads are released, do we download those or do we specifically download the ones shown in this video? I installed the files in the former way and although it did not brick my 3DS or anything, it forced my 3DS to restart and has seemingly left the Picross game save as corrupted and unusable.

  4. I'm trying to do this for my little brother. I moved all the necessary files to the root folder, and then replaced the .sav file, but when I try to open Pokemon Picross it says an error has occured forcing the software to restart. Can anyone help me get past this?

  5. Important notice in the video-description there is the Link to Luma 10.2 but it hasn`t the features in Miscellaneous. So Use the Newest version or 10.3 to follow this video,

  6. Helli, I'm trying this with my 3ds XL, and i got the part where i need to open the modded Pokémon pitcross, but it keeps crashing :/
    It can show the "3ds app startup" screen, open for like 3 seconds, with the top screen nothing but light grey and the bottom screen nothing but dark red, Then it crashes, saying "An error has occurred, forcing the software to close. The system will now restart. (Unsaved data may be lost.)"
    Then it proceeds to do just that. I am back at the screen the app icon is (i put it in a folder) i took it out, but same thing. 🙁

  7. Whenever I try to open Pokemon Picross after changing the save file it just closes the game saying there was an error and restarts my 3DS, are there any solutions to fixing this?

  8. When I go to launch Pokmon picross, it does not bypass the game and instead the game crashes and says "An error has occurred, forcing the software to close. The system will now restart." Anyone have any ideas on this?

  9. So after moving the sav file into the folder for the game, when going to launch the game I get "an error has occured forcing the software to close". Tried re-doing it a bunch of times and getting stuck at the same spot.

  10. i followed all the steps and got a red screen on bottom, white screen on top and it sends me back to home screen with a message "erros has ocurred, forcing the software to close ." "the system will now restart ."
    (unsaved data may be lost)

  11. Loading picross after loading in the custom save doesn't work.

    EDIT: followed these steps and got it working

    There is an issue with your otherapp.bin file. Download the latest release of unSAFE_MODE, place the .bin file relevant to your console from the otherapps_with_CfgS folder to the root of your SD card, and rename it to otherapp.bin. Do not add the .bin extension if you do not already see it.


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