This Free Survival Action-Shooter Game Is Looking Surprisingly Good, And Has Unique Features


Check out this upcoming Free-To-Play Action Shooter Sandbox game called “Scavengers” which mixes many game genres for an awesome twist! I really like what I see here and really look forward to more in the near future. It’s also coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC! First music used: EVA – The End: Second music used: ‘Dawn’ by Sappheiros: Like my Facebook page: https :// Become an Empire Collective partner (like me): SUBSCRIBE: My e-mail for business inquiries: If I don’t answer, here’s another email to contact: business@empirecollective.LA.



  1. This is honestly growing into my favorite youtube channel on gaming! Almost everytime this guys talks about are games I never heard about, and sound really exciting 😀 This guy really is my type of gamer <3

  2. Was looking forward to seeing more of this game when it was first announced. But now learning that it's a free to play Battle Royal i know longer care for it as much. Looks interesting but the concept of "free to play" i never really liked. Also there are way to many devs jumping on the Battle Royal train at this point the ideas and games will start to resemble each other every time.

  3. Just wanna say, I love your new vibe MathChief, since you have only been covering non AAA games/games that you like, the quality of the videos has gone up. You sound much more happy and it's always really nice to know what new games are lurking around unnoticed!


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