This Game Destroys Itself Over Time?


This Game Destroys Itself Over Time? In today’s video, I address the idea that there may be a problem with R4 cartridges, especially knock off ones that include all the Pokemon games, the 208 in 1 DS Cartridge I reviewed!

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All the Pokemon DS Games on One Cartridge (208 in 1)

Fixing an R4 Cartridge

R4 timebomb
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  1. Can someone help if they know how to help I bought one of these & it doesn’t work on my “New” 3DS XL but it worked perfectly fine on my fiancée 3ds same “New” 3ds XL but her’s is the Galaxy edition

  2. I was looking at this and got curious. I had a retroid pocket 3+ but before it got stolen from me it was having a lot of difficulty. See, i live in the california desert and I don't have aircon. The heat was slowly just killing the retroid but my "New 2DS XL" i got years ago has been chugging along without batting an eye. Recently though i got robbed and the thief took all my DS games, including some expensive rarities. Now, i collect games in order to play and enjoy them, i cannot possibly care about the resale value so when i saw this had some of the games I wanted i was in.

    And no, i haven't done a JB on my DS, i don't really care about doing that. So thanks for reassuring me. I'm probably going to get this.

  3. So I have a 400 in 1 for my Nintendo 3DS and I would constantly play New Super Mario Bros (2006?) and after playing it so much, eventually it would only show the black screen with the word “Loading” in yellow letters on the touch screen. My 3DS isn’t freezing up and all I could do is go back to the Home Screen of my 3DS. All of my other games work just fine. Is there a way to fix this?

  4. I got my card in 2020 and in almost 2024 it still works
    My only issue is that sometimes my 3ds has a hard time reading it but thats because I let a friend borrow it and he did a piss poor job on taking care of it and the little gold parts on the back are crusty :']

    I actually had an r4 card when i was rlly little, my moms bf at the time made 2 for me and my sibling to play pokemon and like a year or 2 later it just stopped working. Anytime i booted it up it said the files expired

    One thing to note!!! If you're buying this for the pokemon ds games black and white 2 are modded
    They actually put blaze black and voltage white 2 there, they're good mods and are mostly the same game in terms of story but for some reason those are the only games modded

  5. Guys, I bought one of these, I put it on a pendrive and plugged it into the PC to be able to put my games and without me putting anything my computer keeps saying that I have to format it to continue using it, when I put it in the game and then in the 3ds, a screen appears saying which is not finding the ds data. Can anyone help me to fix this?

  6. bought that exact one a bit ago it worked for a while but once i got to clay in pokémon white it crashes no matter what i do everytime i go into a battle. now no matter what i play on the cartridge it always crashes eventually

  7. The cool thing is the Pokémon games actually transfer Pokémon to real cartridges, however I did a lot of Pokémon gathering in all the versions available in order to transfer them to the real ones..then boom. Game randomly stopped working.


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