This OnlyFans Creator Has Devs Begging Her For A Horror Game

This OnlyFans Creator Has Devs Begging Her For A Horror Game

Image: Molly Moon/Friction Games/Kotaku

You open TikTok find a woman rushing towards you in her kitchen. “My parents are coming,” she informs you, her jaw opening and closing like a stork swallowing a fish, “can you help me clean up?”

Two dialog options appear. A mouse cursor hovers over “No thanks” before deciding “Of course, dear”. But the next few moments of the 30-second video, which has garnered 16 million views since it was posted in December, make you uneasy. Although the cursor quickly clicks through piles of junk, it also opens the oven to find a whole burnt chicken covered in scaly soot. “Oh my God,” the woman said, “now I’m going to have to give them something… else.” The screen turns red. You are now stuck in the haunted world of OnlyFans and TikTok creator Molly Moon.

Moon, who did not respond to Kotaku’s request for comment in time for publication, posted on OnlyFans and Instagram since 2021 and true to what you’ve been expecting for a while: milkmaid blouses, mall locker room thirst traps, and the occasional PornHub download. In 2022, however, she began regularly posting her “creations” inspired by horror games, as she calls them, on a second Instagram and on TikTok, revealing the pretty cannibal inside.

“Excuse me, sir”, begin a lot by Moon first attempts at irritating in the first person videos. They would all, at first, follow a formula, reaching an apprehensive conclusion within seconds, with Molly preparing to trap you inside her. brick basementOr his flator by suggesting that she will cook you in his banana bread.

“I am now afrouse,” said a popular comment about the videos, where Moon’s tennis skirts and fluttering false eyelashes are stretched out against the empty playgrounds and patches of forest in which she films. But in addition to attracting victims and viewers, Moon’s clothes reveal her horror. influences—in some videos, Moon carries a similar sweater to the famous Baby Gap zipper Megan Fox wore in the 2009 film where she eats boys, Jennifer’s Body. At the othersshe looks like the Corpse Bride, grooming her unwitting chosen one for an eternal and unholy marriage.

Positioning Moon in this larger horror canon shifts it into pixel-style, point-and-click horror – all reminiscent of indie studio Puppet Combo’s low-poly horror games, many of Moon’s comments will let you know – it seems natural.

These newer videos increase the production value and deviate from Moon’s original “Excuse me, sir” format, but retain the dangerous first-person perspective. They force you to interact with a more lo-fi Moon – her more metallic voice, as if coming from beyond the closed basement door, her body sounding jagged and square around the edges, as if had been copied and pasted to a Windows 98 desktop – like her punish you for clicking “right” instead of “left”, or when her health bar fills up after you select a rose from your inventory to hand over. Then she feeds the flower from her toothy purse.

These game-like videos are by far his most popular, receiving 13 million views, 15 million viewsOr 22 million views when they don’t get flagged for “disturbing” content. Since she started posting them in November, they’ve also been motivating fan art by imagining what a real Molly Moon game would like and lead real game developers to please allow them to create it.

This seems like Moon’s next logical step. India airdorf horror developerwho did not respond to Kotaku’s request for comment in time for publication, teased a GIF of what appears to be a full game earlier this week. In the GIF, a pigtailed moon looks at three tarot cards while three others face the player – Airdorf, Moon and prom monster producer Jesse Cox are all involved, the cards reveal themselves when you read them upside down.

I’m excited about Moon’s popularity and what it could mean for horror games, which are often held back by horror movie-like tropes, like useless hot girlsand villains whose wickedness is tied to their performance ideal femininity. Moon’s videos also enhance ideas for more subversive horror games, like Lollipop Chainsaw, by removing their predation and putting them into his own hands – into the hands of a woman, for the execution of a woman. His videos don’t allow women to appear as both prey and predator, only a predator disguising himself as a rabbit with glass eyes.

It’s time for games to uproot their old narratives. As Amanda Seyfried says in Jennifer’s Body, I always knew “hell is a teenager”.


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