Titanfall 2 is still the most fun shooter in 2020


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  1. Swag, I have never truly cried over a game, and titanfall had made my opinion on fps games better,
    Titanfall was one of my favorite game out off the almost 20 shooters that I have played and I started playing during what was considered an era of greatness (during the time of COD Bo1&2) I have when I first bought the game I was confused and dint know what to do I just ran around and shot at anything and everything, I was still having fun though after just weeks of killing random kids and grunts with a kraber. I would often leave games when I first started because I was tired of getting killed buy R-101s , now, August 2nd 2021 I have truly cried due to the servers being down and the game being full of hackers and respawn not caring or doing anything to show that they have some sort of concern over the issue, and while watching this video I genuinely she'd a tear because I miss titanfall and I miss forcing my friends on so that we can get into random games and fuck around and I hate and love the hackers who brought down the servers, I hate them because they tried to get the attention of respawn in the wrong way but I love them for what their goal is. All I all is I miss titanfall and I wish that every shooter can be more like titanfall

  2. i only started playing this game recently, because at the time it came out i only had a shitty ancient mac laptop and then i forgot the game existed, and man i have been missing out, this game is so much fun, too bad im late and also the DDOS stuff

  3. I played Titanfall 2 for the first time in a year today, for 6 hours straight and I actually ENJOYED it. It's just bizarre to me how games have commodified our free time by adding boring objectives like battlepass and pointless grind.
    The game respects you and your time. It is a masterpiece.


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