Top 1% Ranked Play Taq 56 Class


Ranked Play Search and Destroy Ranked Play Best Class Setups MW2

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Top 1% Ranked Play Taq 56 Class .



  1. Sub is way easier . Vaznev competes with AR in every range outside of super long range . TTK is like a shotgun for a sub. What’s the debate ? You ADS quicker meaning less brain power in terms or pre aiming and anticipating your opponent . With slower ads and movement speed you also have to be smarter then sub players who just run n gun everything with their OP sub that guns everything medium to close range in .25 secs… AR players on average are smarter and take more skill

  2. This game takes no skill lmao,the AA Is so strong in this game in particular that It basicaly aims for you,im sayin' that as a console player too, the foot steps are so loud that you win by simply pre aiming and not moving…worst cod competitvly speacking in my opinion

  3. That is literally a team I want to be a part of. Can’t seem to find anyone who plays like this. All I have on my friends list is casual players and no one who’s competitive. ????
    Amazing game play Lunch! You are cracked man ????

  4. UPDATE: getting used to the paddles on my dual sense edge and im loving it.. question though.. what can i sacrifice on the taq to get more mag/anno as i usually like running 40 round. help me out plz 🙂

  5. I wish my friends understood this. I play with the taq so obviously I’m trying to cut enemies before they get to the point. But for some reason my friends think the way to play hp is by every one getting in the point and give the enemy the chance to set up a pinch. Especially on embassy the way they play that map is so annoying.


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