TOP 10 3rd Party Nintendo Wii Games (No Nintendo Games)


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  1. My favorite Wii game is easily Fragile Dreams. A few more absent from this list worth checking out are Ultimate Shooting Collection, Deadly Creatures, Opoona, Fishing Resort, both No More Heroes games, GTI Club, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, Muramasa, Sakura Wars, The Munchables and Shiren

  2. I really should pick up the Last Story. Maybe I will see if it is at Cashopolis today. I already have Pandora's Tower, but I haven't played it. I have all three Xenoblade games, but I only have the first on the New 3DS – I love the 3D, but the screen does seem pretty cluttered. I should complete that Operation Rainfall trilogy.

    Whenever I hear Klonoa I think of Cloaca – a much grosser thing. I don't have any of the games.

    I really want to try Lost in Shadow. I have had it for years, I just haven't gotten to it. There is a Move game for PS3 called Echochrome 2 that plays with shadows too. That series is interesting.

    I've passed on Ivy before. I do think I would rather play on the DS, I think it would be fun for a while, but it looks like it would get frustrating pretty fast.

    I have the three Castle of Shikigami shooters. Do you have all 3, the first one was released here as Mobile Light Force 2.

    I wonder what games I would pick today if asked. My thoughts tend to change frequently. Epic Mickey would probably be one of the choices.


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