Top 10 Best Free FPS Games on Steam


In this video, I’m going to give you the top 10 best FPS games you can play for free on Steam right now! » Subscribe: » Join our Discord server: » Discover our Twitch: https://www.twitch. tv /cuboldgaming » Follow our Instagram: » Website: » New music channel: /channel /UCjt7ykdQFKOFEM9omOdJXLw?view_as=subscriber »Check out our gaming podcast! Spotify – Apple Podcasts – Stitcher – Meet the Crew – Caleb – MightyCasub Jay – Joltryx Chug – Chugazug.



  1. Dirty Bomb absolute hiden gem… i put 1.5k hours into it, and all of that time is from game that has, no updates, some unbalaced stuff, not optimased as heck and a low player base, with around 125 avarage players right know. Btw the community is awesome… even after 4 years of no update, players do their own Dirty Bomb cup, with pretty big prize pool. Its kinda weird becuase the players base of this game is low, and making cup of dead game… Btw, in Dirty Bomb there is training course, with timer and points, and players still speedrun this course till this day… this community is just awesome, there are even Dirty Bomb dedicaded Discord servers, with trading and kinda active community, its so sad that devs were such dumb fucks, and ruined the game…

  2. I just wanna find a fps game that doesn't have that textbook, semi-realistic look that almost all of them have. The only ones I know of that have a unique or semi-unique style are Halo and Splitgate.

  3. one of the best fps lists. chaptered games, no annoying dubstep music in the background, and has a lot of info to the games, while bringing attention to small game devs with good fps. subbed

  4. Use to play Dirty Bomb a lot Recently went to install and some prompt about what they do with your information? Sounded a little sketchy so I didn't continue. Any idea what the track?


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