Top 10 Best Free Open Source First-Person Shooter Games (FPS)


The ten best open source first-person shooters, unless someone in the comments finds a new one! – Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles! Also check out the 10 best RPGs! ✅ More #OpenSourceGames ? Subscribe now! ? Join our chat at! ? Write a comment on your favorite moment! .



  1. List:
    1. Xonotic
    2. Nexuiz
    3. Red Eclipse (1:42)
    4. OpenArena (2:30) — like Quake 3
    5. Trepidation (3:15)
    6. Tremulous (4:05)
    7. Unvanquished
    8. Smokin' Guns
    9. Sauerbraten
    10. FreeDoom / Blasphemer (7:05)

    11: Tesseract
    12: ActionCup
    13. WarSow
    14. Alien Arena
    15. Aleph One
    16. Paintball
    17. Urban Terror

  2. You could put in the list Blade of agony, is like a mix od DOOM 1 And Wolfenstein 3D but with great graphics, and Urban Terror for a Counter-Strike expirience (oh my god, i write quite bad…)

  3. Terrible video, can't understand the names of the games because of your stupid accent, so I can't look them up because you didn't write them down anywhere. If you're too lazy to put the title of the game in the video, at least list them in the description box you plank of wood.

  4. Hi. I today discovered your channel. It's great. I review and work with ARM SBC's in Linux all day. I do a lot of testing, also of games/drivers. But I don't know all the free games in Linux. I also never played rpg games. Love fps games and knew most of them. Would love to see a simular video with rts. And best 2d platform games. Thank you for sharing. Greetings, NicoD

  5. Hi, the server you are playing sauerbraten on in this video is actually my server.
    There is ongoing development, a new release is planned for 2020.
    There is also some effort on making the game free as in getting rid of things that are under some licenses that are not free. The problem is simply that most of the authors never left any contact details so we cannot get in touch with them. That truly free version of sauerbraten with new maps and assets is called "Tomatenquark" and is already available on Steam and github.
    Check it out!
    One more thing: the beep beep beep is something you do not hear anymore.
    The focus of saueraten development shifted towards multiplayer rather than single-player.
    So in the upcoming release you will see more multiplayer maps as people like that most. There is also a living community you can find when you go to and join our Discord server. And please don't say that ictf is everything, you only scratched the tip of the iceberg. ectf is very popular and has all weapons but the games are not played in public so much, but you can ask and will find players for it. Enjoy!

  6. happy you mentioned both assault cube and smokin guns, both i got into when i only had a janky netbook. i have a pc with a gfx card now but still find myself playing those games.

  7. Thanks for being so supportive of Trepidation, we just put out a new release, which addresses the resolution issues, and some other things, we will likely have another release shortly to address some issues that we have seen since it going live. I'll let you know when we have a test party and hopefully you can join

  8. Alien Arena is on Steam as Alien Arena: Warrior of Mars. It costs $1 on the store so it costs money in that regard. That said, they still have a free demo on the main website at least.


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