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Celebrate the year by watching the BEST games of 2021! I know there are TONS I missed. As if I still had an unopened copy of Tales of Arise waiting for me. I swear I will make it! Images of the game taken from my Gameplay channel and my livestream! Be sure to follow and subscribe to these! ►New here? Subscribe! ————————– ►Subscribe to the Gameplay channel! — ►Follow me for instant updates on new videos! Twitter ————————————– – – —————————— TikTok ——— – —————————- ► Theme Song – “Goodbye Summer, Hello Summer ‘winter’ by FantomenK ►Intro music by Waterflame #top10 #bestgames2021 #top10games .



  1. ►► THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FOR THE YEAR!! Seriously. I couldn't keep doing this without you. Every single click, view, comment, share and subscribe does wonders for me and it means SO SO much. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
    ► All of the game footage came from either my Twitch Streams or from my Gameplay Channel. Links to those in the description!

    ►► I know I missed some games this year. As the comments have already pointed out, Tales of Arise, SMT V, No More Heroes 3, Deathloop. TONS I missed. Some of these I already own and just haven't opened them! Any other ones I should know about?
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    ► I've already finished playing through Final Fantasy XII, so that'll be the next major video coming up. After that, only a couple of Final Fantasy games left! Can you believe it!?

  2. Really cool and accurate top 10, but I personally would have included Bowser's Fury on it. It was just so incredible to experience Mario in an open world style for the first time, and I feel like it started something amazing, like an upgrade or even a standard for the upcoming Mario games.

  3. Looking at that valheim I feel like I played a different game. It looked like ps2 and I had really no draw to do anything and didn't even really know what to do. Felt like ark

  4. Honestly, Monster Hunter Rise pissed me off. Why? One reason, they turned my Hunting Horn into a blunt Long Sword. They took a hard to learn but super rewarding weapon and turned it into super-easy baby mode for babies!


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