Top 10 Best Games of 2021


Video sponsored by Ridge Wallet. Check them out here: Use code “RABBIDLUIGI” for 10% off your order Based on previous experience, people are angrier at the best video games in the world. year than with the worst equivalent games. I guess it’s because people want validation of a game’s quality and don’t care so much about watching someone talk shit about games no one likes. Should make for an interesting comparison again this year. Like what you see? Subscribe! ► Check out my 2nd channel! ► More countdowns! ► Intro music by Real Faction: #gaming #top10 #bestgames2021 #worstgames2021 #rabbidluigi #resi8 # nintendo #xbox #playstation #returnal #thegameawards #activision ————————————— — ——————————————— Patreon: http :/ / Twitter: Twitch: Facebook: Tumblr : T-shirts: Steam group: .



  1. Christ, this video stinks.
    How can you consider yourself a video game critic if you dont own every major system?
    Also the way you speak is bizarrely biased, I literally laughed when you said that ratchet and clank is the reason to buy a ps5 over an xbox because it was nominated for a game of the year award even though halo infinite won the same show's fan voted game of the year award; plus… you haven't played it! You can't just assume one system's game is better than another's when you haven't played them both.

  2. Deathloop was…fun…but the limited enemy type mixed with really limited story and gameplay made it feel like a worse Prey: Mooncrash…which was the concept they made that gave Arcane the idea for Deathloop in the first place.

  3. I would love to play P5 Strikers… if I could play the original.

    Also, in regards to Rise being newcomer friendly, I disagree. The game threw so many materials and shops and different kinds of missions and mechanics at me all at once that I just couldn’t make it more than a few hunts in.

  4. My favorite of 2021 has been Sable. It's an Indy game that's kind of like a cross between BotW's traversal and Journey. You climb, have a glide bubble, and a hoverbike to travel this futuristic desert world. It's not perfect as there are a couple bugs to be ironed out with vehicle collision, but it's a very chill game for if you want to just wander around a well-designed world with no pressure.

  5. 1. Youtube's algorithm has not shown you on my feed so I got super happy when I saw that you were still making videos.
    2. Had to fast forward to see #1 because I KNEW you'd appreciate the greatness of Psychonauts 2. I was so blown away; can't believe this thing exists.

    Now let me go watch all your content I missed :/

  6. That Demon Souls take is just flat out wrong lmao. Sure, the combat isn't as deep and the bosses are easy, but the level design and overall systems still crush most other AAA games.

  7. You picked the right #1. Psychonauts 2 is the best game that’s come out in a long time. The only things with any chance of beating it were Half-Life: Alyx (came out in 2020) and Resident Evil: Village (my other tied GOTY). If you don’t own it, you better believe it’s worth £55. It’s worth so much more than that. 100% is 24 hours of bliss. The only problem is that now we’ve gotta wait for Psychonauts 3 and Double Fine aren’t making another right away. They want to take a break from Psychonauts and make something else super cool. Double Fine don’t necessarily make the best games of all time, but even the misses are interesting. They deserve your love and your wallet.

  8. You really should have a play of "The Forgotten City." It's by far the best time loop concept that started as mod for Skyrim (The first mod ever to win a Writer's guild award) in 2016 done entirely by one person and a couple of voice actors. Now that one person has formed a studio and released a standalone successor/upgrade of that mod set in ancient Rome. I don't want to spoil the story as it really is something that must be experienced for yourself, as are the four endings available for it (The original mod only had two), but I will tell you the main warning present in the town; "The many shall suffer for the sins of the one."

    Personally, I think that skyrim mod is what started this whole time loop craze we are seeing now, and this upgraded standalone version still has the best use of a time loop mechanic.

    Either way, Since it didn't make the list this year, I hope you will consider it for next year's awards.

  9. 10. I think my biggest issue with New Pokémon Snap is just that it has Gen 8 Pokémon in it. Besides that, I just have had more interesting stuff to play so I haven't gotten very far in it.

    9. Strikers is probably one of the greatest sequels I've ever played after Kingdom Hearts II and Megaman Legends 2 and I'm only right past the first 2 areas. It's not often that a sequel actually adds onto what came before it, but Strikers is such a natural step up for Persona 5 and I love it. Also, Persona 5 slowly becoming the GTAV/Skyrim of it's franchise is hilarious.

    8-1. Haven't played any of them and hate most of them for various reasons.

  10. My personal top 10:
    10: RE Village
    9. Hitman 3
    8. new Pokemon Snap
    7. Monster hunter stories 2
    6. Here comes Nico
    5. Metroid Dread
    4. Ys IX Monstrum Nox
    3. Halo Infinite
    2. Ender Lilies
    1. Tales of Arise


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