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The Top 10 BEST Nintendo 3DS games! – Go to to get 50% off your first hair loss treatment order. Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Top 10 worst 3DS games ►► Video Link Between Worlds on Peebs! ►► If you’re new, subscribe! ►► PeanutButterGamer reviews his top 10 favorite 3DS games. More Videos: ► Top 10 Best Nintendo Gamecube Games: ► I Spent $1000 on Rare Mario Toys: /watch?v=PZOEzsH40y0 ► Top 10 Best Mario Party Minigames: ► Top 10 Worst Party Games: /watch?v=i8VTZEsPOD0 — ——- Follow me! TWITTER ► INSTAGRAM ► FACEBOOK ► TUMBLR ► PATREON ► ———- PBG Theme by Ram Marmé ► Some Music by Amie Waters ► https:// Acid Trumpet by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Diver: https :// Running Man: Edited by Peebs & Todd~ #Nintendo #3DS #PeanutButterGamer .



  1. You eat Taco Bell/fast food? Wow you have no idea what they put in there literally, it’s complete trash and it’s not even food, most of the ingredients are made in a lab.

  2. Femblem awakening is good.
    I love the music.
    Monster hunter is good too.
    Both have neat music.

    Also pilotwings resort and Mario 3D land too. So many games on this system had great music.

    Ps. A link between world’s ravio shop reminds me of the game Recettear.

  3. 10. Xenoblade Chronicles
    9. Super Mario 3D Land
    8. Zelda MM
    7. OOT 3D
    6. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    5. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
    4. Metroid Samus Returns
    3. KH DDD
    2. Zelda ALBW
    1. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

  4. 1. Castlevania Lords of shadow Mirror of Fate
    2. The amazing spiderman
    3. Mario party the top 100
    4. sonic generations
    5. Minecraft New Nintendo 3ds edition
    6. Super mario 3d land
    7. Mario kart 7
    8. resident evil revelations
    9.Mario sports superstars
    10. Super street fighter iv 3d edition

  5. I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like link to the past (personally it’s just too boring I don’t like a lot of things about it) but loves a link between worlds


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