Top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS JRPGs (Ports and Remakes)


This time, I picked my 10 favorite 3D ports and remakes from its JRPG library. Intro theme by The Legendary Zoltan Support my channel: Gameplays. GAMEPLAY DQ8: Jon Cartwright GAMEPLAY DQ7: Nintendo Enthusiast TALES OF THE ABYSS GAMEPLAY: Chaosinthesky13 RADIANT HISTORIA: Easy Allies STRANGE JOURNEY AND SOUL HACKERS: Infinite Backlog .



  1. I was curious if you want to do a video on the Nintendo 3ds eshop sale, I was able to get all 6 Shin Megami Tensei games, 5 Etrian games, Persona Q 1 and 2, Stella Glow, Radiant Historia, Conception 2 and 7th Dragon 3 for less then 150 bucks. They are having eshop sale on those games plus many other including sonic the hedgehog until January 5th.

  2. 2:22 I gave up on DQ7 about 20h in, you had to be super fast on an island dungeon. Which goes counter to everything turn based. Great nice little stories. Nice overarching plot.

    I'll hold on to SJ for DS, I also have the CD that was a bonus lol.

    I played RH on ds as well as RH:PC. You can play the demo for free, it's 20 hours or so really long. Unfortunately i got stuck in PC.

  3. Radiant historia still criminally underrated. I bought if off some shelf back in the day for the DS and had no clue about it. Just liked the box somehow. While playing I was like wtf this is one of the best JRPGs ever.

  4. I'm really grateful for this list- I would have dismissed Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology and Tales of the Abyss from seeing certain walkthroughs that showed less than desirable graphics (for me). But, after having gotten them and playing both for so many hours, I'm so glad I had gotten both and can't wait to play Dragon Quest 8 when the ridiculous pandemic prices go away lol

  5. I just picked up tales of the abyss and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite jrpgs in addition to fire emblem shadows of valentia. 3ds is such a good system. I wish I could play xenoblade too but I dont have the "new" version

  6. I picked up a 3DS when they were just about to stop manufacturing. Just starting to get around to some of my old DS games that I didn't play yet (including DQ V and VI), and wow there are a lot of 3DS JRPGs to get around to!


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