Top 10 BEST Nintendo 64 Games


The Nintendo 64 is one of my favorite consoles of all time. I’ve spent countless hours playing all the amazing games. Today, I’m going to rank my 10 favorites! ▶️ Top 10 Gamecube games – ▶️ Top 10 Wii games – ▶️ Top 10 Mario Kart games – watch?v=Wq9_07YNyz8 ►Join TEAM BBQ and support me: ►Mario in miniature by: ►SUBSCRIBE: https:// /tRj8Gq ►DISCORD: ►TWITTER: ►TWITCH: ►INSTAGRAM: https://bit. ly/2NqSPys ? Music used ? ? Clock Town – Majora’s Mask ? Super Mario 64 Main Theme ? In the Pipe – Mario Party 2 ? Jungle Japes – Donkey Kong 64 ? Kakariko Village – Ocarina Of Time ? Master Hand – Super Smash Bros. Paper Mario ? Institute Theme – Perfect Dark ? Title Theme – Diddy Kong Racing #Top10 #Nintendo64 .



  1. My Ranking
    1. Mario Kart 64
    2. GoldenEye 007
    3. Super Mario 64
    4. Super Smash Bros
    5. The Legend Of Zedla : Ocarina Of Time
    6. Donkey Kong 64
    7. Banjo Kanozzie
    8. Diddy Kong Racing
    9. Star Fox 64
    10. Pokémon Stadium

  2. 1: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    2: Super Mario 64
    3: Banjo Kazooie
    4: Mario Party 2
    5: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    6: Donkey Kong 64
    7: Perfect Dark
    8: Super Smash Bros.
    9: Mariokart 64
    10: Paper Mario
    HM: Starfox, Goldeneye

  3. My top 10 n64
    10:Rayman the great escape
    9:chameleon twist
    8:mario kart 64
    7:super man 64
    6:donkey kong 64
    5:diddy kong racing
    4:super mario 64
    ?3️⃣?:paper mario
    ?3️⃣?:super smash bros
    ?3️⃣?:kriby 64

  4. I remember always playing 007 it was so addictive back then was like the call of duty of the day lol….I remember when my best friend slept over one night and introduced perfect dark to me and my brother and we played it all night. I just couldn't get over the fact that we played a female character….maybe I was sexist back then without realizing it lol.

  5. Its probably me being garbage or worse at traditional zelda games, but in spirit tracks i got stuck at the first dark room & stopped there, in the 3ds version of ocarina of time i got stuck & stopped after i left zelda's castle for the forst time & in the 3ds version of majora's mask i did even worse, i got stuck (didn't know what to do) & stopped when i left the town, the onmy zelda game i have beaten is the switch version of hyrule warriors, i guess i'm pretty good at hyrule warriors only because its a warriors type of game & i'm pretty good at that type

  6. Must owns for me:

    1. Majora's Mask
    2. Ocarina Of Time
    3. Banjo Kazooie
    4. Super Mario 64
    5. Star Fox 64
    6. Super Smash Bros.
    7. Conker's Bad Fur Day
    8. Donkey Kong 64
    9. Goldeneye
    10. Mario Kart 64


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