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  1. "I know I'm supposed to kill them but I feel bad. Best wishes floaty man."
    …Dude, Peebs, those are rebel soldiers. No one shoots their own troops like that…
    Unless they're a pro! 😀

  2. 10.RE0
    9.Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
    8.Luigi’s Mansion
    6.Zelda WW
    5.Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    4.Super Mario Sunshine
    3.Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
    2.Metroid Prime

  3. Kirby Air Ride, Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are my favorites.
    1080Avalanche, Soul Caliber 2 and Metroid prime are too.
    I also like Eternal Darkness because of the sanity effects, very clever.

  4. …this was painful and horrible to watch…with the shouting…is this on some kind of drugs…kind of a three year old in partial growing beard and trump styled on top…just tried to get the supposed out of the ordinary gc games…but painful to watch…the shouting…something wrong here…

  5. Its crazy how you eliminated four great games from contention, listed tenamazing games, and shouted out three games you know you missed (Tales of Symphonia my beloved), and there are STILL great games left on the Gamecube to try. What an amazing library the Gamecube has.

  6. Yeah please don't kill me for this but I agree sticker stars crap I remember playing it at a friend's house one time and I just absolutely hated it, why do I need a sticker and order to jump especially when I can do that in a regular play?! That is definitely one of the main issues I have with it plus wasting a sticker on complete accident and the fact that you can't go back and it's just so stupid and another problem is when you don't mean to fight anybody you still can't run away that is so dumb and you don't even get experience come on!

  7. 10. Metroid Prime
    9. Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness
    8. RE0
    7. Pokémon Colosseum
    6. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
    5. Zelda WW
    4. Tomb Raider Legend
    3. Super Mario Sunshine
    2. Zelda TP
    1. RE1 Remake

  8. A game that I don't think is top 10 but was surprisingly decent is some rugrats game. I don't remember the name of it but you had to do… Uhhhh…? Stuff?? Like there was a bunch of different levels with completely random objectives for each one that didn't match up at all, and you unlocked different floors of a… uh… robotic treehouse??? So that you could… Beat up a child? I think. It's been too long since I played but damn was it fun. You could choose from any 5 characters to use, but they all had the same stats. (I think if you failed a level one of them died idk tho)
    It also had a bunch of racing and versus modes so that's pretty neat.
    I'd definitely put it in a top 100 list but now that I think about it, it's not quite top 10 material

  9. 1:05 ok happy it's in top 10 but why not top 5th best???

    Edit: I would say Metroid Prime was good but I never reached the tutorial as a kid cause I was too stupid so I got no opinion on it
    I didn't have either soul caliburs ?
    I didn't have Kirby's air ride ?
    Didn't have either rouge squadrons ?
    Didn't have Eternal Darkness ?
    Didn't have chibi robo ?
    Didn't have resident evil 4 ?
    Didn't have Luigi's mansion ?

  10. Suprising Eternal Darkness never had its own live action adaptation. I mean seriously, a 4d exclusive cinema movie, where the entire theater plays with your psyche, mysterious noises, the projector pretending to endulf in flames, now that's a movie I'll happily fund.

  11. If anyone is still watching this video after 4 years, does anyone else think that PBG should make a series on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door? No? Just me? Ok then. Just think about it though.


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