TOP 10 BEST Upcoming FREE MMORPG Games 2020 & 2021 For PC | You CAN'T Miss These!

41 Top 10 Upcoming PC MMORPG Games in 2020 and 2021 Hey guys, welcome to our Top 10 Upcoming MMORPG Games for 2020 and Beyond. You missed them, didn’t you? Well, without further ado, let’s go ahead and check out some of the best MMORPGs to come in the next couple of years. Learn more: Corepunk Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D Blue Protocol Crimson Desert new -crimson-desert-info-details-origins-solo-mmorpg-content/ Magic Legends DokeV Lost Ark -date -korea-russia-japan-china-north-america-europe/ Ascent: Infinite Realm Phantasy Star Online 2 Torchlight Frontiers Honorable Mentions: Genshin Impact Moonlight Blade Path of Exile 2 Middle-earth MMORPG (Amazon Game Studios) https://www.freemmostation .com/news /amazon-f2p-lord-rings-mmo-leyou/ Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Visit to discover the best free games and covers and don’t forget to subscribe! .



  1. Crimson Desert, the only interesting to me.
    Project BBQ. No, a girl with brass knuckles boesn't have a chance against 10 times larger minotaur with a hammer. Immersion ruin! Bad East-Asian MMO tradition: the concept of immersion is not understood or cared about.
    Lost Ark. What, that's not a bow! It's a freaking machine gun! Or a laser rifle. God damn immersion ruin.

  2. 1. Corepunk – looks interesting.

    2. Project BBQ – im gonna try it.

    3. Blue Protocol – not interested. As similar as Dragon Nest.

    4. Crimson Desert – ima look into full development.

    5. Magic Legends – ima think about it.

    6. Dokev – erm…we'll see.

    7. Lost Ark – Damn ive been waiting for this for years.

    8. Ascent: Infinite Realm – looks a bit like Tera & BnS. Interested to play it.

    9. Phantasy Star Online 2 – Still waiting for this game.

    10. Torchlight Frontiers – i might play it if there will be MORE classes.

    Moonlight Blade – will it be the same like BDO? i wonder.

    Path of Exile 2 – DEFINITELY play this. I wonder how summoner going to be like.

    Middle-earth MMORPG – I wonder how will this game turns out.

  3. Genshin impact for now from whats known is single player storybased rpg tho. No character customisation aswell u pick one of the pre made characters each with their own backstory

  4. wow crimson desert…a STORY that we can follow along? should've done that for black desert because thats the reason why i left. i wanted an adventure for my character that i can follow along-watch them grow around the world that they live in. thats the reason why games like ffxiv and gw2 are soo good for me. im definitely going to try this one out. i dropped bdo a while back because of the disjointed story line and how they pressure you to buy more slots in order to start new quests from the beginning. it's retarded atleast crimson desert will offer us a linear main scenario while giving us the feel of bdo-from what i'm hearing atleast. this is what ive wanted from bdo. hopefully i can make female elves that look eurasian. but im worried that this game won't offer us the choice to make our own character instead we'll probably have to use that default dood..i aint a fan of that. that will be the deal breaker.

    this is a great list you've put together and i'm actually excited to try out the games. so far my list will be blue protocal > crimson desert > genshin impact > lost ark > ascent.

  5. Don't expect Lost Ark this year…. from what i heard there was some post about the relese schedules and they plan only for Japan this year and the rest is not planned… so at this point I expect that smile gate will fuck this up, either by waiting too long or by getting someone like gameforge or as a publisher, I hope that I'll be wrong but lately thats the trend with every eastern mmo…

  6. Personally i get to play most games when they are released, but i still don't understand how companies can't explain "why a game is dead" when they release it like 5/6 years later in the west when all the hype is gone.

  7. i just waste about 10min 15sec watching this video. excluding few youtube ads.

    2020, I cant believe pso2 coming to west. that game was so good during early released but less than 10% active players after afew months.


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