Top 10 Best Upcoming Indie Games in November 2021


Each November is traditionally the month we see the big AAA game launch, there are plenty of great indie games coming up expected in November 2021. From a Zen-like unboxing game to a zoo tycoon simulation, one of the most promising beat’em ups At Get Indie Gaming, we’ve seen for years one of the best Apple Arcade games finally make its way to PC and Nintendo Switch. In this video, we showcase our picks of the 10 best indie games coming in November 2021. #IndieGames #BestIndieGames #GetIndieGaming – SUPPORT AND FOLLOW US: – Subscribe to find out more: .com / c / GetIndieGaming? sub_confirmation = 1 – Twitter: – Instagram: – Epic Store Partner Code: GetIndieGaming – New Hotspot Podcast: Top 10 Best Indie Games in coming in November 2021: 00:00 – Intro 00:17 – 10: Time Loader: 01:08 – 9: Where Cards Fall: https: // store / app / 589450 / Where_Cards_Fall / 02:05 – 8: Let’s build a zoo: 03:08 – 7: To the rescue! : https: // store. 04:22 – 6: Demon Turf: 05:18 – 5: Undungeon: https: //store.steampowered .com / app / 928990 / Undungeon / 05:59 – 4: Tunche: 07:14 – 3: Len’s Island: https: //store.steampowered. com / app / 1335830 / Lens_Island / 08:48 – 2: Moncage: 10:02 – 1: Unpacking: / app / 1135690 / Unpacking /.



  1. Len’s Island looks really good, and I will most likely be picking it up in early access. I love supporting good developers through early access, and I think it’s such a great way to experience a game as it grows.

  2. I usually don't follow games from Kickstarter campaign, because it can be frustrating to wait all time and at the end you might not like the game. But I totally remember Un dungenon and it's trailer with cool music. Now finally game is very close.

  3. I played Unpacking on Gamepasss yesterday after a tough day. All smiles, warm, fuzzy gameplay.

    My son was bewildered that I was playing such a boring game, so it's not a backseat gamer experience I guess. lol

  4. Undungeon looks beautiful, once of the best PixelArt I ever seen.
    I hope in an improved gameplay, because I don't really enjoy the demo.
    Len's Island looks very interesting, even if I'm not a fan of survival/crafting game.

  5. The quality and innovation of indie games these days is amazing. I’m just starting out in game dev and have spent so much time putting together the rudiments of a very basic 2D platformer / metroidvania in Godot that I’m starting to feel like… why bother?

    Unfortunately, I’m getting on a bit and don’t have the time and energy and focus that I once had. Coming from a background of web dev, multimedia production and video editing, I wish I had got into it sooner, but then I guess the excellent tools that are freely available now were almost non-existent 10-15 years ago.


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