Top 10 BEST Wii Games!


I dusted off my good old Nintendo Wii last week and decided to play some games! This console has so many cool games! Today, I decided to choose my 10 favorite games and tell you about them! More Top 10 videos! ▶️Top 10 Switch Games – ▶️Top 10 Boo – ▶️Top 10 Easiest Yoshi Boss Fights – ►Join TEAM BBQ and support me: ►Mario thumbnail by: ►SUBSCRIBE: tRj8Gq ►DISCORD: ►TWITTER: ►TWITCH: ►INSTAGRAM: ? Music used ? ? Title Theme – Mario Kart Wii ? Banana Jungle – Donkey Kong Country Returns ? Egg Planet – Super Mario Galaxy ? Magma Burning – Mega Man 9 ? Ice Valley – Metroid Prime Trilogy ? Menu Theme – Super Smash Bros. Brawl ? Lineland Road – Super Paper Mario ? Grass Land – New Super Mario Bros. Wii ? Hyrule Plains – Zelda Twilight Princess ? Main Theme – Wii Sports #Top10 #NintendoWii .



  1. My Ranking
    1. Wii Party
    2. Wii Sports Resort
    3. Wii Sports
    4. Wii Play Motion
    5. Wii Play
    6. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    7. Super Mario Galaxy
    8. Super Smash Bros Brawl
    9. Mario Kart Wii
    10. Kirby's Epic Yarn

  2. You know what
    My top 5 has been
    #1 Super Mario Galaxy
    #2 Donkey Kong Country returns
    #3 Super Paper Mario
    #4 Super Mario Galaxy 2
    #5 Super Mario bros

    Edit: Mario,DonkeyKong,Mario,Mario AND ANOTHeR MARIO

    Also a Super Mario Galaxy 3 would 1. Have to be on the Wii U because the Wii is DONE FOREVER so yeah 2. With some games being kind of BAD now by Nintendo. For example The paper Mario series the first 3 we’re good but then it just went dead. I’m sure that won’t happen for a Galaxy because of all the 3d games they have made the last years. And 3. I think that Nintendo will never pick that up again. But if they do I would love for them to BRING SOME OF THEN TO The OlD STUFF NOT JUST THE SWICH Intead of bringing EVERY GAME TO THE SWICH to NES GAMES TO GAMECUBE GAMES TO SNES TO WII TO GAME BOY TO THe DS ANd 3DS they are all in the SWICH Please gave some games to the old things… I know you won’t though so never mind.

  3. no lie. 2022 here after we recently moved and found our wii in a box.
    my dad was like lets play that tennis and bowling again and he has been playing it since we moved lol.
    like the only first and last game he will ever play is wii sports.

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  5. If I had to put a couple more that didn't make the list, I'd add : Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise, Monster Hunter Tri, Punch-Out and Xenoblade Chronicles. I've played these 4 so much and they're amazing games.

  6. Eww. They made Link right-handed. That's a sale loss from me. Looked fun. Oh well.
    But anyway, there's a lot of 1D/2D platformers on this motion-control-based console game ranking.. They use the nunchuck at all?

  7. There are a lot of Wii games that just never get mentioned. 

    Battalion Wars 2
    Tiger woods PGA tour 11
    WWII Aces
    James Bond goldeneye

    Battalion Wars 2 is the only game I can remember were you can command an army and still play as each vehicle or soldier individually. It was great!

  8. The fact that Wii Sports Resort isn't a item on its own is kind of sad. While it shares similar things with other Wii-titled games, it actually has its own universe; Wuhu Island is just like the main character of the game. It might even nail top 3 in my opinion.

  9. Listen kids in the 1990s the arcade game Mad Dog McCree was $5 to play it. So it is one of the best Wii games to own despite the Wii controler sucks as a light gun. But I never could afford to play it. I wasn't putting $5 in it. I watched other play it. The best Nintendo exclusive Wii game I played with motion control was Punchout!


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