Top 10 Board Games 2021: Ladies Edition


#boardgames #top10 Sara, Shantelle, Katie and Melissa share their favorite board games of 2021! The best board games of 2021! 0:00 – 0:38 Contest and Intro 0:39 – 6:23 Katie 10 to 2 6:24 – 12:53 Melissa 10 to 2 12:54 – 17:22 Sara 10 to 2 17:23 – 25:18 10 to 2 from Shantelle 25:19 27:44 Number 1 from Katie 27:45 – 30:32 Number 1 from Melissa 30:33 – 32:22 Number 1 from Sara 32:23 – 35:11 Number 1 from Shantelle 35: 12 – 35:35 Bloopers 35:36 – 41:49 Honorable Mentions Games mentioned on the lists: That Time You Killed Me Picture Perfect Chronicles of Crime 1900 Rolling Realms Exit Puzzles Trek 12 My Farm Shop Luna Capital Origins First Builders Bitoku Praga Caput Regni Hadrian’s Wall Cartographer’s Heroes Railroad Inc 7 Wonders Architects Ten Red Rising Cubitos Furnace Genotype Overboss So Clover Oltree After the Empire Maglev Metro Philosophia Floating World Cape May Mind MGMT Squaring Circleville Gorinto



  1. I’m gonna keep it real. I luv you ladies and your opinions are often very much like my own which means when you recommend something I’m paying close attention. But this format was…sorry…super annoying. Not only did I not enjoy the chaos and wasted time with your running around (over and over and over), but the fact that every list was given out of order…PAINED me. I applaud creativity, but hope that honest and constructive feedback will remind you to stay focused on creating a good experience for your audience, not just yourselves.

  2. This was a super fun take on board game top tens, nice job!! Some non-requested feedback: I might recommend consistently going from number 10 down to 1 after 1, maaaybe 2 rounds just to make for a comprehensive video with a lot of trimmed fat. I admittedly got a little lost with the out-of-order…countdown?

    That said, I loved the number 1 discussion and reveal! It makes the reveal so enticing and curious, while learning so much more about all of you.

    That's just me though! Thank you so much for putting out this video yearly 🙂

    I've just added Ten, Cubitos, and Genotype, along with all of your top 4s to my wishlist lmao.

    Good luck vs the guys!

  3. Found the format really fun and interesting but if I’m being honest I ended up fast forwarding through most of it just to get to the actual picks – loved how much fun you all had with the video though!


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