Top 10 Free Nintendo Switch Games 2022 | 10 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games 2022 Edition


hey guys today I’m back with top 10 best free nintendo switch games 2022, top 10 free games for nintendo switch 2022, free nintendo switch 2021, In this video we cover different genres of game like shooting games, high graphics games, open world games, fps games, battle royale games, & more,
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  1. all laggy garbage that will cook the already slow switch. i bought a switch for pokemon and mario, if i wanted to play pc games but slow and laggy i would unlplug my gpu and motherboard and use a built into motherboard gpu…..

  2. Skyforge? Yeah it's pretty, but not on the switch. Yeah it's an mmo, but not on the switch since no one plays it. The frame rate is crap. The music glitches out. There's a load of areas to play but your missions boil down to find a thing and interact with it then find monster and kill it.

  3. For anyone watching 2022 there's a game called realm Royale you should try out it's really fun basically it's your standard Battle Royale experience but there's different classes and specific classes you specific weapons and when you're killed you don't die right away and solos you become a chicken and have the chance to escape and revive after 20 seconds

  4. Of all the videos of people reviewing Switch games, I definitely like your voice the best so far. Makes for a better video when I'm picturing a pretty face behind the pretty voice. You are just as, if not more then, as intelligent as the others and your informative as well, so why would I want to go anywhere else? SUBSCRIBED! Thanks!


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