Top 10 Free VR Games 2021


My updated list of free games for 2022 is here → 2021 has brought us many free games and VR experiences. Here is my selection for the Top 10 of the year. Lots of fun games here that I hope you all enjoy! The links are below for Steam and Oculus Quest. Oops, I mean Meta Quest. Whatever ? 0:00 Intro 0:20 #10 Brisk Square 1:42# 9 Museum of Other Realities 3:04 #8 Marble Pop Paradise https://www . 4:17 #7 A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor 5:23 #6 Super Raft Boat VR https:// 6:36 #5 Disco Destruction 7:28 #4 Gorilla Tag https://store.steampowered. com/app/1533390/Gorilla_Tag/ 8:38 #3 Open Brush https:/ / 9:36 #2 Locomancer https://stor 11:17 Honorable Mention: Handheld Emulator https://barshiftgames. Portable Farm Demo 12:53 #1 Cards & Tankards / ● Discuss virtual reality on my Discord → ● Twitter → .



  1. Another amazing game to play is Echo vr. One of the best games I think I have owned / seen in my virtual headset.
    There is much to know about this fantastic game and you can make new things happen every time you play.
    You can meet new friends, go against each other in game battles and help your teammates in tough moments.

  2. Hi Ben! I want to ask you a question. I had a little argue with my friend about game tempo in VR. One of us claims that game/enemy tempo is same, no matter if you play with PSVR or normal gamepad (dualsense, dualshock). And other person thinks game tempo is much slower on VR because you cannot move as fast with PSVR gun and/or move-controllers (tempo decrease to enemies is for better playability). Which one of us is right? If possible, I would also like to hear some comparisons with games that you have played with both, VR/move and dualsense/dualshock.


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