Top 10 GameCube Games of All Time


The GameCube was discontinued in 2007, but that hasn’t stopped fans from obsessively searching for the best games in the system, whether to warm their sense of nostalgia or find a library to play on emulators.

So, here you have it – the best GameCube games of all time.

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  1. 10.RE0
    9.Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
    8.Luigi’s Mansion
    6.Zelda WW
    5.Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    4.Super Mario Sunshine
    3.Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
    2.Metroid Prime

  2. Twilight princess was mainly supposed to be a Wii release… It's why it came out after the Wii was released and it's why playing it on the Wii was better… So I'd argue that shouldn't be on this list… Also uhhh what the heck!! Where's chibi-robo? Where's final fantasy crystal chronicles? Where's Pokemon Colosseum?????

  3. The only reason why we use the Wii instead of the GameCube is because we weren’t able to buy the cord for progressive scan mode in time
    Looking at you Metroid Prime

  4. – Luigi's Mansion
    – Eternal Darkness
    – Resident Evil Zero
    – Starwars Rogue Squadron
    – Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
    – Freedom Fighters
    – Metal Gear Twin Snakes

    Some of the best memories came from playing on the GameCube. The portability and couch co-op. Loved my GameCube.


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