TOP 10 Games for Low Spec PC (2GB RAM / 512 MB VRAM / Intel HD Graphics) PART 2


Hi guys, in this video I will show you Top 10 Low End PC Games for 2GB RAM | 512MB graphics card | Intel HD Graphics | PART 2 Games featured in the video:- 1. Split Second 2. James Bond 007 – Blood Stone 3. Darksiders II 4. Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare 5. Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood 6. Need for Speed ​​- Hot Pursuit 7. Tomb Raider – Underworld 8. Resident Evil 5 9. Spider-Man – Web of Shadows 10. Medal of Honor THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! • Music Credits:- Justin Seven – Music The Best 3 (RFM – Royalty Free Music) WAR GODS – Alex Lisi (Alex Lisi) WAR GODS youtube .com/watch?v=exKURrODcGE TAGS : 10 best superhero games, best pc games of all time, batman arkham, spider-man ps4,crysis remastered, best comic book video games, best pc games 2gb , pc games for intel hd graphics, top 10 pc games for 512mb graphics, top 10 best games for 4gb ram, best batman game, top 10 pc games, best superhero, top 100 games for the low specs, batman arkham, top low pc games, need for speed, call of duty remastered, modern warfare cod.




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