Top 10 Hidden JRPG Gems Nintendo DS -Part 2-


NO MORE hidden gems on the Nintendo DS, finally! Part 1: Support my channel here: Intro theme by The Legendary Zoltan channel / UCf9hWwVJVA1mgwarjUV3Nzw Gameplays: Sands of Destruction: A-DSplay101 Luminous Arc 2: RemoteRPGs Suikoden Tierkreis: TheGamingPilgrimage All other gameplays are mine. Thank you. .



  1. Solatorobo is amazing, but grabbing enemies gets incredibly repetitive, and it has some of the worst flight controls I've seen, although they don't come into play very often. The characters are definitely the highlight of the game. Totally worth the risk of becoming a furry.
    I also found it a bit too easy, but that might be due to me completing all the side missions before the endgame.
    "I found all 1000 accorns" -ProZD

  2. Yesss glory of heracules I was happy when I saw it on the desk, I played it as a kid and got stumped on a boss , now I’m playing again and will finish this time , after watching the video I see it was on the first version but either way I’m happy it was recognized

  3. guys u have to help me.. on my brothers cheat engine i used to play a
    rpg wich remembered me of pokemon but u didnt fight with monster but u
    controlled robots in little arenas and u where able to shoot rockets and
    stuff. pls if somebody knows the name tell me

  4. Youtuber hot ;). We missed mentioning the game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood… which unfortunately was not successful, but it is a very good RPG with moderate difficulty. I recommend playing it for those who have not played this game!

  5. hey, idk if you will ever see this comment but i still will ask u a question: i played as a small kid a hidden jrpg (for nintendo ds) which i dont remember the name of. It is rlly hard to find the game because i only remember one attack which was called something with thw word ''nemisis'' in it, maby u know to which game this attack belongs to. i also found a seecret in game where u can jump into a chimney to get into a house which is locked from the outside

  6. After watching this I actually found the game Sands of Destruction while out shopping. I picked it up and have been playing it recently. Thanks for the suggestion, it's a pretty fun game. ^_^

  7. ? Didn't the Atelier games on PS2, Iris, release before Annie? Or this one of those European outliers where we got games before the states? Anyway yes, it's a fun lil game.

  8. Nostalgia, Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow, Radiata Stories, Magical Starsign, Rhapsody, Suikoden Tierkreis…. man, you've really, genuinely covered so many of the hidden gems on the platform between your first video and this one! You even "honorable mention'd" Avalon Code despite not being able to get into it yourself; damn! I really loved Tierkreis when I played it, but I never knew that that subtitle meant Zodiac – thanks for the fun fact!

    The only one I can remember playing that you haven't gotten to yet that may qualify as a hidden gem is Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road. Oz is well-produced and looks & sounds great (Media Vision, of Wild Arms, Chaos Rings, Shining Resonance and Digimon Cyber Sleuth fame made it), but it's, uh…. different. I'm sure some people will dig it a lot, though others may be instantly turned off by it's gimmicky controls thanks to a simulated trackball controller on the bottom screen. Definitely worth at least looking into if you're hunting for more titles for a Part 3 in a few years 😉

    Oh and maybe Phantasy Star Zero. Never played it myself, but always wanted to – it looks really impressive in how well it seems to have translated the PSO/PSU-style action to the DS hardware. I just never saw it in stores.

    Anyway, love these list vids. Every time I check in on your channel, your stuff is always loaded with passion; keep up the great work!

  9. wow erick… Thanks for pointing out Lunar Knights and Sands of Destruction.. those games were my childhood leisure time favorites… seeing this video brought me up to those times for a while like if i was discussing these games with an old friend… and now i have an excuse to finish the "Polidori Tower " that´s untouched even to this day.. hope the save file still works…

  10. There is one more the rarest NDS rpg: A.S.H. Archaic Sealed Heat. It's using full motion videos in battle. Very epic. There is English patched rom somewhere in internet. Definitely, check it.

  11. Nice to see Lunar Knights in here, I would like to pick this game up again as I sold it a long time ago. Glad they kept sunlight mechanic but not without actual sunlight.

    The two games on DS that I think are hidden gems and I don't think* you covered(I haven't watched all of your past videos yet so can't say for sure) are Summon Night: Twin Age which is a flawed but fun game in my opinion. And the other will sound weird as it's from a huge franchise but I believe a lot of people don't know of Pokemon Conquest since it was released so late in the system's life and wasn't covered that much.


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