Top 10 Hidden JRPG Gems Nintendo Wii


The Wii has a fairly short JRPG library. Half are general public, the other half are unknown. Let me show the good ones in this last one. Do you like the show? Support the channel! Buy my latest book here: Gameplay images. Mura: YellowSuperNintendo Opoona / LKS: Solo Wing Fury SO: One Controller Port PB: Robo Space Kitty CD: CGRUndertow StW: Playscope Trailers PT: FlyingRecliner ARF: frazzleberry SW: CGRUndertow / HdMaxReviews.



  1. The lack of love for Opoona in the comments hearts my soul. Might have hands down the BEST soundtrack of any video game i've ever heard. It's violently underrated, and nobody has played it because it came out the same day as Super Mario Galaxy 🙁

  2. I had heard that the Wii version of Sakura Wars 5; So Long, My Love, of course; has a glitch where loading a mid-battle save frequently crashes the game and other extra glitches that the PS2 version doesn't have. Does anyone know whether or not that's true or if it's just that person's copy?

  3. Arc Rise Fantasia is so hard to recommend.
    After 6 hours of terrible intro, character introductions, ridiculous anime troupes.
    The story finally go in the right direction.
    But after that it's just hit or miss.
    The story is all over the place.
    And its overused of unimportant plot twists make the story so less interesting.
    Because in the end, all of the it are meaningless.
    The strongest point to the story in the 2/3 of the game is moral ambiguity.
    It show each faction ideology and let you think for what's right or wrong.
    For each members you met in your journey gonna shape the story, the world and help you find what's the right answer to the story.
    All the faction action could be seen as evil at first but justifiable later when you know more about the world.
    And you if you decide to choose one faction, it gonna be bad for the others.
    But then at the last arc of the game it just flip the script.
    The way writers resolve all the game problems is so rush, make you feel like 40 hours of your like wasted. Because it's a 20 hours story stretching out to too much it needed to.
    Cause the story has to conclude so they introduced a deus ex machina character to solve everything.
    Force one faction to be evil for the sake of plot convenience.
    All the side characters once were important to the story, became plot devices to move the story forward.
    After that they're thrown away like trash when they're not needed anymore.
    So all their actions, interactions contribute to the story became unnecessary the moment the story need to move forward.
    So in the end all the unnecessary characters in the game, side stories and unnecessary plot moments could be cut away and nothing change to the overall story.
    And the ending is an insult to your 60 hours of gaming.
    The way the concluded the story is a big fart to your face telling you in the end nothing matters.
    All of the story "moral ambiguity" don't matter.
    All the "good in different side" don't matter.
    All it matter is the MC found out the deus ex machina to solve everything.
    And in the end get a good ending he want.

  4. I totally agree with you about Arc Rise Fantasia's difficult boss battles, one battle near the midgame area practically made me rage quit and sell my Wii years ago.
    Now I'm trying to find it and give it another try.

  5. Pandora's Tower is great and makes great use of the Wiimote to boot. I'm currently playing Arc Rise Fantasia (Japanese dub) and it is really good, the battle system is very addictive. I'm only about 6 hrs in but yes the bosses are harder than I expected, I thought I was doing something wrong!

  6. Do more hidden gem videos for switch and ps4 and pc maybe, I always find amazing games from your hidden gem videos. Maybe do a turn based tactics video too that’s my fav genre currently. What’s your patreon?

  7. Very glad to see Sakura Wars on here. It was amazing when it launched on PS2, with lovely designs from Kosuke Fujishima from Tales of fame. The story and dialogue felt well done and nicely voice acted too. No regrets!

  8. Pandoras tower is not a game where you can relax, after you reach the stage where you need to desstroy "2 locks" per boss ,if you have not played the game almost perfectly till then you are fucked, even cheats wont help you.

  9. Spectrobes Origins! It is kinda insane when i think about it but it was my first JRPG I ever played (at least earliest i can recall). I never beat it cause i sucked but, it holds a lot of value for me. Ive played pokemon and dont really like it but, the formula of spectrobes is so much endearing.

  10. Yo el Fragile Dreams no me lo pude ni acabar. Los controles son horribles, los bosses aún más (una grúa, en serio????), además los combates contra bosses eran más horribles aún por la cámara que no veías nada, las armas jamás sabías cuando se iban a romper (dos armas iguales una se rompía con dos golpes y otra con 20), la aparición del pollo era totalmente random, y hacia el final había fragmentos de ir corriendo por escenarios pasilleros y vacíos por literalmente 5 minutos. El juego muy bonito, pero de verdad que jugarlo fue una tortura para mi.

  11. Thanks for the great video! I would be really happy if you could have a closer look on Sakura Wars. It looks so interesting and I think you are the perfect man for a video about the game. 🙂

  12. Love the content, have really enjoyed everyone of your videos man. Hidden gem videos are great, have discovered a lot of games over they years from this type of video, keep up the great work and congrats on all the success you've had. Hope your sfe and healthy and looking forward to the next video


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