TOP 10 METROIDVANIA GAMES on Nintendo Switch So Far!! (2021)


TOP 10 METROIDVANIA GAMES on Nintendo Switch so far !! (2021) Here at Maple Syrup Gaming, I love looking at some of the best Switch accessories and also the best Switch Lite accessories. Whether it’s Pro controllers, Nintendo Switch cases, or even Switch grips, I go through everything. Some Switch accessories disappoint you, others surprise you. I also review Nintendo Switch games, Nintendo Switch News, Nintendo Switch basically runs everything Switch-related. #nintendoswitch #metroidvania # top10 Twitter link: Join this channel to access benefits: / channel / UCtMq … MY GEAR (affiliate links) Canon SL3 (camera): Logitech C922x (webcam): Blue Yeti Nano (main microphone ): Maono Fairy AU-903 (Backup microphone): AOC 24G2 (Game monitor): AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 (Capture Card): Nintendo Pro Controller: 8Bitdo SN30 Pro +: Nintendo Switch: https: // amzn. at / 3C7NJjt 0:00 Intro 1:34 Honorable mentions 3:12 10 4:12 9 5:10 8 5:58 7 6:57 6 7:46 5 8:36 4 9:22 3 10:24 2 11: 24 1.



  1. Metroid Dread does not deserve an Entry in the Top 10 in my Opinion. Its a shame what they have done to the Metroid Franchise with this pile of shit. Dodge, high speed movement all the time, zero exploration, awful music and sound. Its the worst Metroid, right after Other M. The Graphic Engine is the one from Samus Returns, nothing new. Even the Sounds are from Samus Returns.

  2. Fantastic list and great video. My own personal Top 5 are:
    1. Metroid Dread
    2. Ori & the Will of the Wisps
    3. Death’s Gambit: Afterlife
    4. Hollow Knight
    5. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  3. Why do people keep calling Dead Cells a Metroidvania? It's a die-and-reshuffle roguelite, in the same zone as Rogue Legacy which NOBODY has ever called a Metroidvania. Compare and contrast with Sundered which mixes the same die-and-reshuffle mechanics with actual Metroidvania progression and which NEVER gets picked for these lists despite fluid combat, a neat Lovecraftean story and yes, being a proper roguelite Metroidvania.

  4. Don't know if anyone else notice, but changing the names of the games for numbers in the stamps is a good simple idea, I don't know why other creators don't do that, lol.

  5. Great picks! I love Aggelos personally. Not that it’s a better game than any of these pics, there is just something about that game I really enjoy. Axiom Verge and Salt and Sanctuary are two more of my top pics.

  6. Love this list solely as ori 2 is here ❤ hope the 1st ori will go on sale and hollow.. been waiting ? guacamelee is kinda hard for me – got the turbo ed.. will get 2 for sure… but lil nightmares will always be my 1️⃣

  7. Great list. This year I've gotten into the genre and played yoku, both guacamelees, hollow knight, both oris, superepic, aggelos (not beaten), indivisible, bloodstained, owlboy, sundered, stryder (not beaten) and iconoclasts, some of them on PS4 and some on switch. Like others, I would swap hollow knight and ori 2 around. Ori 2 borrowed some elements from hollow knight plus other ideas and improved combat greatly, but the amount of content and the deep world building and lore of hollow knight makes it the superior game IMO. I haven't played all the games on your list, but owlboy and iconoclast should be considered at least for honorable mentions.

  8. I think the Castlevania Advance Collection should be somewhere on there, but that's just my opinion. Nice list either way! Always fun seeing your opinions.?

  9. Hollow Knight used to be my number one. Until I played Iconoclast. Now Iconoclast is my number one. I know Hollow knight as as Metroidvania is deeper than Iconoclast and has a bigger map. But man, the story and charm of iconoclast has something, and that fight with black almost at the end of the game…such a master piece and was developed by only ONE PERSON! I wished there was a sequel, Samus for me is no longer no. 1 Female character in videogames, Robin is!! Well, It was a great top my friend! Keep the good content 😀


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