Top 10 MOST DISAPPOINTING Games of 2021!


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  1. Watching this gives me an idea for a YT show called "1 Year Later" where I would just encourage people to NOT buy any game in the first 12 months and then do a review at the one year mark because pretty much any full priced game these days is not ready to go at launch.

  2. Watching this late but I actually really enjoyed outriders. Didn't care for the story, but my friends and I had a ton of fun trying out different builds and we didn't run into any bugs at all so I guess that's another reason. I think outriders take on loot is revolutionary, I haven't played an rpg game with the ability to free customize as much as outriders, I could set it up guns and gear however I want match different builds. So I would give it a solid 7.5 out 10. Had a ton of fun with it

  3. AAA studios have been trying their hardest to stop players from playing together in one real life location just to sell a few more copies

    Remember when LAN and split-screen was a standard thing in every game?


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