Top 10 MUST BUY Nintendo Switch Games Of 2021 – Best Switch Games Of The Year!


Let’s break down the Top 10 must-have Nintendo Switch games of 2021. Let’s also take a look at some honorable mentions and some misses of the year! What would be high on your list and what did I miss that you would include? These are my must have Nintendo Switch games! 0:00 Intro 0:24 What is this list? 0:49 No More Heroes 3 1:49 Loop Hero 2:53 Quake 4:04 Honorable Mention 6:00 Metroid Dread 7:05 Disco Elysium 8:17 Death’s Door 9:10 Amiib-NO! 9:53 AM Monster Train First Class 11:28 AM Monster Hunter Rise 12:31 PM Shin Megami Tensei V SMT V 1:50 PM Best Of The Rest (& 1 Bad!) 3:06 PM Issue 1 of 2021 Want to support the channel? Discord: Patreon: PlayStationCorner: Merch: Subscribe: www. ————————————— ————————————————– —————- We at SwitchCorner are here to give you all the Switch news and reviews you need? Want to see or hear about a game, let us know in the comments below! ————————————————– ————————————————– —– Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games MUST BUY of 2021 – Best Switch Games of the Year! #switchcorner #nintendoswitch #bestgames #2021 .



  1. Number 1: I have to say slay of spire is number 3 game for me and mh rise I didn’t like it! I just can’t get with it plus it’s not for me.

    Paid dlc will be good thou

    Don’t agree with number 2 as I think it’s too hard for me as I struggle with pokemon
    Never mind shin megamsi V.

    Number 1 is intriguing for me as I wouldn’t put that there for me, I would put crusin blast/deaths door here.

    Eastward is amazing, dying light and world war Z are amazing ports ans pokemon snap is meh, tony hawkes skater is good and persona striker is ok
    Voice of cards are amazing

    Nerf legends is shocking, I watched ur review , tf I did cos I was gonna buy. If u want first person shooter get crysis remastered trillogy. So worth it and runs fab too and it’s cod like. Tetris for me is not as good as I liked it. Overhyped for me

  2. Me:*can’t even get a switch because my location runs out and having smt v on switch in my head a bad move but who cares about my feelings because I’m dead inside*

  3. Can’t wait to start monster train picked it up in the sales on Black Friday waited ages for it. Done slay the spire this I will start after curse of the dead gods, which I am loving

  4. Killer list, im glad it wasnt diluted with JRPG's as i just find those incredibly difficult to get into. Seems like the stories would be way to hard to follow since theres typically TONS of games in the series and the art style is always the same with JRPG's with that slow turn based combat. If anyone disagrees, please reply and change my mind so I can experience some more great games. I had a feeling tetris would be your number one lmao

  5. Amazing list! Many games on my switch! I'm totally hyped for your best deck builder games vid. Monster train is an addiction. So fast and fluid. Good luck with deciding between Slay and Train… maybe 1A and 1B????

  6. Terrific list. Lots of top tier games there. I personally haven't played No More Heroes, and would have probably thrown Eastward in its place, but hey, can't rate what I haven't played, right?

    As for the rest of the list, Monster Train in particular is one I feel didn't get as much attention as deserved upon release (perhaps because it was already a hit on other platforms). I, too, would have a hard time choosing between that and STS for my top deck builder. There's something about the relative simplicity (yet depth) of STS that always pulls me in, but Monster Train has a ton of content, and I love that each run feels like I have a real shot at winning (I have yet to truly beat STS – tho not for lack of trying!). As for Tetris, I seriously can't express how glad I am to see you repeatedly give that game its due. Too many people brush it off as "just Tetris," but for me it's probably the game I'll stick with longest and put the most hours into when compared to the rest of this year's releases. The ability to challenge myself or just chill out depending on the mood – plus multiplayer, leaderboards, etc – makes it a perfect game imo. Well deserving of both the score you gave it and the number one slot here.

    On a different note: I just wanted to thank you for working so hard on this channel. With so much content releasing for the Switch these days, I find myself turning to – and relying on – your channel quite a bit to help ensure my money goes towards games I'll truly enjoy and not ones that have major issues (or just plain suck). I've no idea how you manage to spend as much time with each game as you do to put out such quality reviews, but it's something I deeply appreciate. Keep up the amazing work – and happy new year!

  7. Fast travel in a linear game is not "a core game mechanic".
    Just think for yourselves, people. Don't let others tell you what to like and what to hate. It's creepy.


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