Top 10 NEW Horror Games of 2021


2021 will bring us tons of new horror games on PC, PS5, Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more. From wacky to serious to sci-fi, here are the horror games we’re looking forward to. Subscribe for more: #10 Returning Platform: PS5 Release Date: March 19, 2021 #9 Medium Platform: PC XSX/ S Release Date: January 28, 2021 #8 Sons of the Forest Platform: TBA Release Date: TBA #7 System Shock Remake Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA #6 Scorn Platform: PC XSX/S Release Date: 2021 #5 Unholy Platform: PC Release Date: 2021 #4 GhostWire: Tokyo Platform: PC PS5 Release Date: October 2021 #3 Little Nightmares 2 Platform: PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX Switch Release date: February 11, 2021 #2 The Outlast Trials Platform: TBA Release date: 2021 #1 Resident Evil Village Platform: PC PS5 XSX Release date: 2021 Bonus: – Evil Dead: The Game Plate -Form: PS5 PS4 Xbox One XSX/S Switch Release Date: TBA 2021 The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Platform: PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX /S Release Date: TBA 2021 Vampire: The Masquerad e – Bloodlines 2 Platform: PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX/S Release Date: TBA 2021 Back 4 Blood Platform: PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX/S Release Date: June 22, 2021 .



  1. All I can say is that PlayStation deserves to be the best console to play video games. I mean Nintendo tried a little bit for FNAF 1-4 in the Nintendo Switch, but Sony use all of their best shot to make better horror games like FNAF Security Breach, Resident Evil VILLAGE, The Last of Us Remastered, and many others.

  2. I am not sure why people go from 10 to 1, go from 1 to 10, as we are interested in seeing the best to worst not backwards… oh you just want us to watch it all for your own pocket okay…

  3. Wow, this guy just basically gave away the entire plot of Little Nightmares 2. That's so crappy for anyone who actually wanted to experience the game's story the way it was intended to be experienced!


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