Top 10 New PC Games For March 2022


February has been a bumper month for PC gaming, hasn’t it? Alongside Elden Ring we had strategy behemoth Total War: Warhammer 3 as well as the surprise hit Lost Ark. You could say that after such a busy month as February, we could all do with a little space to play those huge games before throwing anything else on our already bloated backlogs. Unfortunately, I bring terrible news. March is yet another busy month when it comes to new releases, with huge titles such as GhostWire: Tokyo and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands threatening to distract our attention from the wondrous Elden Ring. And that’s even before I tell you about promising indie releases such as Tunic and Weird West! These are the 10 best games launching on PC in March 2022. Enjoy. ?: Want more juicy video content? Check out our Elden Ring review: ?: Subscribe and ring that bell to never miss a video: ?: Chat to Rock Paper Shotgun on Discord: ? : Support RPS by becoming a member of the YouTube channel: ? Buy products RPS: https: // ?: Follow Liam on Twitter: 0:00 Intro 01:05 Far: Changing Tides 01:40 Shadow Warrior 3 02:27 Babylon’s Autumn 03:16 Distant Worlds 2 04:09 Tunic 04:53 The Settlers 05:57 STRANGER OF PARADISE: FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN 06:41 GhostWire: Tokyo 07:22 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 07:58 Weird West 08:30 Outro #GhostWireTokyo #TinyTinasWonderlands #NewPCGames #RockPaperShotgun.



  1. Weird West looks awesome and I really want to support it so as to say "Yes please – more of this" but over £30 is just a bit too steep for me.
    As a PC game it will drip to a more reasonable price before long and I can wait. I do definitely feel bad about doing that though.

  2. Settlers and Weird West for me.
    Oh, and Distant Worls 2 too, but I just recently bought the first game, so I'm gonna play that. And wait for the newer game price drop before upgrading.

  3. Distant Worlds 2! There was nothing wrong with the first one except the fonts did not scale on modern monitor resolutions. The new 3d graphics will be nice along with the AI rendered art. This game has been YEARS in the making and it will be worth the wait after seeing all the playthroughs from youtubers the last month or so.

  4. Yeaah no thanks! I'm playing Elden Ring, Cyberpunk, Total Warhammer 3, Football Manager and Lost Ark. That's way too much!

    …might still pick up Weird West though

  5. Strong opinions are floating around the world wide interweb about the new Settlers. Maybe managing expectations is in order here. Or maybe it's wonderful! I, for one, will wait for the RPS review. Strategy games can be so very hit or miss.


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