Top 10 Nintendo DS Games


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  1. Just go on "GameFAQs – Game's Ranked" and Download countless amount of ROMs until you find one and also check out Mother 3 which beats any (DS) game besides maybe Chrono Trigger on (SNES) cause of the controller you can play Mother 3 on (GCN) so I'm still love both

  2. Man the NDS.. So many hours spent with this system I don't even know where to begin with! I like your list, I played half of those games so I have the other half to revisit, I'll probably go buy a ds lite today 😀 just one thing.. Chronotrigger on the ds is the best version possible you want to play, get it! 😀

  3. The three Castlevania games on the original DS are probably the best games on the system. Also, Puzzle Quest is an amazing game and the DS version is prolly the best version…


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