Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games (2022)


Here are my Top 10 Nintendo Switch games for the start of 2022. As the Nintendo Switch turns 5 years old, I wanted to list my Top 10 BEST games for the console. Links: – Follow me on Twitter:!/ZeldaMasterLuke – Like me on Facebook: – Check out my photos on Instagram: http:// instagram .com/zeldamasterluke -Watch me LIVE on Twitch: All ZeldaMaster artwork created by my wife, SasaTseng: #NintendoSwitch #Switch #Nintendo #Zelda #Mario #Metroid #Sky #SkyChildrenoftheLight 10 Timestamp List Intro – 00:00 Issue 10 – 00:31 Issue 9 – 3:12 Issue 8 – 4:31 Issue 7 – 6:51 Issue 6 – 8:17 Issue 5 – 11:33 Issue 4 – 13:07 Issue 3 – 15:26 Issue 2 – 18:32 Honorable Mentions – 20:40 Issue 1 – 22:25 Outro – 24:52.



  1. My favorite game is also botw 🙂 It is just so good and there is always something to do. You can even learn a lot of gliches and explore the world. There is also many enemy species you can fight (or not). So I can't wait for Breath of the wild 2!!!!!

  2. I know everyone says this, but BOTW isn't my favorite Zelda game for 1 big reason

    INCREDIBLE Open world game but just an ok Zelda game, it just doesn't have the same charm that makes Zelda my favorite series.

  3. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is my Number 1 Switch Game of All Time and it’s also in my Top 5 Games of All Time including Persona 5 Royal ? my Favorite JRPG of All Time and Both are Masterpieces

  4. This video was sooo good! The amount of work that had to go into editing alone really shows in the final product! You've made me want to buy all these games, though, haha! I was super happy to see some stuff here that I had never heard of, and it's awesome to see what other games you play besides ones you've mentioned before. Thanks for this, and keep up these awesome videos!!! ?

  5. cool list bruh although i'm kinda on a struggle with switch games on what to get is there any game you can recommend for me? Smash Bros Ultimate is unwelcomed in my house

    pls recommend me 5 games here






  6. For me,
    10. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
    9. Super Mario Odyssey
    8. Pokémon LGPE
    7. Pokémon BDSP
    6. Yo-kai Watch 4++
    5. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    4. Super Mario Maker 2
    3. Animal Crossing New Horizons
    2. Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    1. Pokémon SWSH

  7. @ZeldaMaster Please listen to this, I had just recently watched your OOT Randomizer, it has not been finished. If you could do a video as to why it is not finished, that would be great for the people who are also wondering why it is not finished.
    James Davis


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