Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games!


We present to you our Top 10 of the BEST Nintendo Switch games released at the end of 2021! Metroid Dread, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Bowser’s Fury and even upcoming titles like Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 and Pokemon Legends Arceus are here! #NintendoSwitch #Top10NintendoSwitch #SwitchGames ——————————————— ————————————————– ———— Inside BotW Merch: Design: https://twitter .com/Purrdemonium Support us on Patreon and get your pin! : Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: Join the realm on Discord today! Follow CR on Twitter!



  1. I've had Botw for years and just now starting to play and it's really really good. The weapons breaking is fine with me but I wish they had a visible durability Stat and lasted a bit longer. Repairing for top tier weapons maybe also. But that's literally the only gripe I have and it's not that bad, amazing game.

  2. I've played some of the list, BOTW, Oddissey, Celeste, Mario Kart, Bowsers fury, The Witcher, some games I have really enjoyed not on the list: Hollow Knight, Dragon Ball Heroes, Sakuna of rice and ruin, cuphead, Super Mario Deluxe.

  3. my top 10
    10:super Mario party
    9:super Mario maker 2
    8:among ua
    7:51 clubhouse games
    6:nintendo labs
    5:super Mario oddness and 3d world plus bowsers fury
    4:castle crashers
    3:smash bros ultimate
    2:lego the incredibles
    1:kirby star allies fighters 2and the froggoten land
    what do you think

  4. Hey, I'm working on a story, and I think I'll put the Switch in it. Thing is, I don't own one because I'm not really interested in keeping up with the latest video games and whatnot; someone gave me an old Wii U, and I'll stick with that for now. Anyway, if Character 1. and Character 2. each had a portable Switch pad, can they play a game with each other in the forest? Do they require Wi-Fi? I didn't even know until three years ago that you can link to a fellow gamer through the 3DS. I'm not very tech-savvy.

  5. Top 1 definitely dragon dogma. for the best, most complex combat system and great character development so many factors come into play. npc companions learn player behavior, improve, can be borrowed from other players, and then come back with gifts and trophies and new knowledge. Class change at any time. A game that went down with the release of Skyrim, but remains one of the best fantasy RPGs to this day. the sequel, Arisen, finally brought a few more Fast Travel Crystals into play.

  6. I’m thinking of replacing my switch lite, and I’m going to get all of these. Nintendo is underrated cause lots of these games are much better than like Xbox games, since I also have an Xbox ( No flex )

  7. Thank Goodness I don't have switch. All I do is play Chess and Checkers, and watch youtube/netflix! WHy would I need a switch! I'd only get mario kart for multiplayer play. Maybe other Mario Games!?

  8. botw and mario oddyssey are experiences you just cant get on any other platform…bought it just for these two games, and looking back, it was well worth it…it, esp botw, completely changed what i previously thought i wanted from a video games i play


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