Top 10 PC Games Ported to MOBILE | Android/iOS Ports You Don't Wanna Miss


These are the 10 best PC and console games ported to mobile from 2022. More info below 🙂 My mobile game discovery app, MiniReview: Get awesome benefits + early access on Patreon: PC and console games ported to mobile are great – but only if their controls are actually good and they’re not paid for. So if you’re looking for solid ports, you’ve come to the right video 🙂 If your favorite mobile port isn’t on the list, don’t worry! That doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best PC games ported to mobile – it just means I haven’t heard of it – or maybe it will be included in a future video ???? Subscribe up for more #MobileGaming goodness! Hope to see you in the community ???? BEST MOBILE GAMES OF 2021 TIER LIST: Top 10 Mobile ACTION ROGUELIKES of 2022: Top 10 Mobile Tower Defense Games of 2022: Top 10 Traditional Roguelikes of 2022: Top 13 Mobile MMORPGs of 2022: #BestMobileGames — — —— ⚡ Best Mobile Games 2022 Playlist: ———- ???? Top 10 Ported PC Games on MOBILE from 2022 ???? Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic | Paid – MiniReview: — Google Play: /details?id=com.aspyr.swkotor — iOS: GRID Autosport | Paid — MiniReview: — Google Play: ?id=com.feralinteractive.gridas — iOS: Max Payne | Paid — MiniReview: — Google Play: .rockstar.maxpayne — iOS: Brawlhalla | Free — MiniReview: — Google Play: .brawl.halla.platform.fighting.action.pvp — iOS: Dead Cells | Paid — MiniReview: — Google Play: — iOS: DOOM | Paid — Google Play: — iOS: Northgard | Paid — MiniReview: — Google Play: — iOS: ROME: Total War | Paid — MiniReview: — Google Play: com.feralinteractive.rometw — iOS: Slay the Spire | Paid — MiniReview: — Google Play: .humble.SlayTheSpire — iOS: Old School RuneScape | Free — MiniReview: — Google Play: — iOS: ———- VIDEO CHAPTERS ——- — 0:00 Introduction 0:34 Star Wars: KOTOR 1:34 BONUS GAME 1 1:43 GRID Autosport 2:37 Retro Games? 2:47 Max Payne 3:32 Brawlhalla 4:37 Dead Cells 5:32 DOOM 6:13 Northgard 7:11 ROME: Total War 8:25 BONUS GAME 2 8:35 Slay the Spire 9:42 Old School Runescape SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATREON PRODUCERS: – marquisdan – Lost Vault – Mohaimen – Farm RPG – Elchu ????⚡ LET’S BE FRIENDS: ► Discord: ► Twitter: ► Join us on Reddit: ???? Join the #NimbleNation by clicking the notification bell.



  1. انت نسيت افضل ثلاث العاب:
    1. Bright memory mobile
    2.Hollow knight mobile
    3.wall of insanity mobile

    هذه هي افضل ثلاث العاب انتقلت من نظام الحاسوب الى الهاتف المحمول.

    Sorry I do not speak English.

  2. Are any of those game accessible for someone who is blind?
    Only asking because as a blind person myself it's hard to find a fully accessible mobile game to play with voiceover.

  3. I agree that KOTOR is amazing and replaying on mobile is a good idea 🙂 although correct me if im wrong but you were using mouse and keyboard, i think the port isnt amazing because of mobile control. but everything else is still awesome.

  4. Missing mentioning Celeste
    it's out for Android
    I made a video on my channel teaching how to download and install without error
    I recommend taking a look
    thanks for the games

  5. Max Payne has made me feel some feelings. I remember playing it on PC when it came out. I was relatively young and due to that the game was not only exciting but also scary at that time.There are definitely some scary episodes in the game. Of course, I won't be replaying it on mobile, so I don't spoil my childhood impressions 😀

    It's a nice list of games you have there!

  6. Few more port recommendations from me – This War of Mine, Forager, Mindustry, GRIS, Dicey Dungeon, Stardew valley, My time at Portia.
    Also Dead cells is great. Played it both on mobile and PC. Wish Hades got ported.

  7. Can anyone tell me how well Aspyr's ports (Kotor1&2, Civ6) & the first XCOM play these days? The support, or the lack thereof, make me hesitant to try them out.
    Oh btw, Northgard might looks like a lightweight game, but it's actually quite a demanding one. Watch out for your device's temperature when you play it. It didn't lose out to XCOM2 and Genshin in that regard.

  8. Wow, I was just thinking today how I wish there were some old PC games to play on my phone in this unbearable heat so I don't need to use my PC that is literary cooking me in my room! I would like to play something like POD or MDK.. Also dare I say that the best games on phones are usually PC or console ports? I mean you even get a controller support right? =)

  9. oh man how did i not realize Slay the Spire was on mobile! that game is perfect for phones!

    i spent thousands of hours on osrs as a kid lol, cannot get addicted to it again


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