Top 10 RACING Games On Nintendo Switch | Arcade Racers, Sim Racers And Kart Racers! 2021


Racing fans, it’s time to brush up on our top racers to close out 2021 and it’s been a great year for racing games on Nintendo Switch. Lots of new entries in my personal Nintendo Switch top 10! Who is your favorite runner and what would you like to see? I think we personally need F1 on the Nintendo Switch! 0:00 Intro 0:18 Star Wars Episode 1 Racer 1:07 Hot Wheels Unleashed 1:48 Hotshot Racing 2:37 Mantis Burn Racing 3:40 Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit 4:39 Fast RMX 5:27 Cruis’n Blast 6:30 Horizon Chase Turbo 7:33 GRID 8:38 Honorable mentions! 9:44 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Want to support the channel? Discord: Patreon: PlayStationCorner: Merch: Subscribe: www. ————————————— ————————————————– —————- We at SwitchCorner are here to give you all the Switch news and reviews you need? Want to see or hear about a game, let us know in the comments below! ————————————————– ————————————————– —– Top 10 Racing Games on Nintendo Switch | Arcade Racers, Sim Racers and Kart Racers! 2021 #switchcorner #top10 #nintendolists #topracers .



  1. Thanks as always for watching, liking and subscribing! The support is always appreciated and I have a good amount of these lists coming over the next few days! Open to suggestions of what you want to see first! Check out the reviews from today's video and my other lists for 2021 here:
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  2. Carx drift racing should be on thisnlist purely for 2 reasons
    1: it has cross platform support so you can play with all friends across platforms and because of this there are always full lobbys
    2: tons of customization
    3: alot of regular updates with new cars and various other stuff

  3. Gear.-Club unlimited 2, Stop being an option for players looking for a simulation racing game?

    It is a game with great content and multiplayer, its only flaw is its optimization that causes unexpected closures. But I highly recommend it.

  4. Hi Alex.

    Thank you for your great work.

    I got myself a Switch 6 months ago.

    I'm a big top-down racing fan & Mantis looks stunning.

    How does it compare to Rush Rally Origins?

  5. It's a fair ranking with good commentary, but can you please consider using longer video segments? I got motion sickness by the time I reached NFSHP.

    If anyone's looking for more game suggestions, I can recommend checking out Rush Rally 3.

  6. One racer I got on sale for 2.99 a while back was Beach Buggy Racing. Its a simple game. Runs very smooth. And I had a blast playing it. I got about half of the games you mentioned. I think it was a great list. The other half im waiting for sales .

  7. Nice video, Alex! I’m going to throw a little love to Redout. Yeah, I know it suffers from some graphical issues, but I really love it’s control scheme with using the right analog stick for sliding and pitch and there’s a ton of great and imaginative courses to race through. Rush Rally 3 is really exceptional offering up some great control (you can map your acceleration and braking to the right stick) a ton of courses, some great arcade modes, great career modes, rally cross races, and even allowing you to change the POV to more of a top-down experience- it’s terrific!


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