Top 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Nintendo Wii Games


This is a top 10 list of the rarest and most expensive Nintendo Wii games of 2021. Included are some of the most sought-after games on the Nintendo Wii, prices were taken from price charting, are in Canadian Dollars, and are for CIB Complete in Box copies of the games.

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Case variants, homebrews, Not For Resale games and collector’s editions are NOT included on this list!

Included is gameplay of the following games;
Ju-On The Grudge
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
American Mensa Academy
Fritz Chess
Veggy World
Fragile Dreams
Dokapon Kingdom

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Nintendo Wii Klonoa Gameplay
2:23 – Nintendo Wii Ju-On The Grudge Gameplay
3:46 – Nintendo Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy Gameplay
5:18 – Nintendo Wii Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Gameplay
6:58 – Nintendo Wii Sakura Wars So Long, My Love Gameplay
8:42 – Middle Break
8:46 – Nintendo Wii American Mensa Academy Gameplay
9:56 – Nintendo WIi Fritz Chess Gameplay
11:14 – Nintendo Wii Veggy World Gameplay
12:18 – Nintendo Wii Fragile Dreams Gameplay
13:52 – Nintendo Wii Dokapon Kingdom Gameplay
15:25 – Outro

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  1. It’s interesting, though, that the rarest games are often not the most collectible/valuable. Panda games for the Atari 2600 are exceedingly rare, especially in box. They are now expensive, but not crazily so. The same is true of many unlicensed NES games; I’m thinking of the blue cartridges. The cost of them often has little relationship to how hard they are to find.

  2. I love klonoa which is such an underrated platform series. I have the wii version but personally I can’t see this being rare now since they released the first and second game in a remaster collection last year. Maybe the gba versions but not the wii version although I’d say the ps1 original would be. I hope namco reboots the series and makes some more games but I highly doubt they will unless the remasters sell well enough to justify another new game.

  3. My Wii Metroid prime trilogy collectors edition,is one of my favorite games of all time. Mine is complete and in mint condition. Had offers of over 300 hundred Euros for it,but I'll never sell. Its my favorite collection piece by far!

  4. I would say these are expensive, but I feel like people get rare and expensive mixed up. Opoona for the Wii, is rare. It costs roughly 70 bucks right now, and another example, The Kore gang. Which Is incredibly rare, but only costs about 15 bucks. Just because a game is expensive doesn’t mean it’s rare.

  5. Fire Emblem: Radiant of Love may have another (physical) version that fixes the save glitch, but I cannot verify that. Anyone know about this or have a way to check the box art, disc, and/or inserts to determine if there is a re-release of FE:RoL?

  6. For the Wii, I have the Klonoa remake and the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

    For Klonoa, I was a big fan of the original. After I got the PS2, I tracked down a copy of that one at the local Record Town (music store), which later became FYE [regional chain originating in Upstate NY]… then the two GBA Klonoa games. So it seemed this was the only natural progression.

    For Metroid Prime… still have the trilogy sealed. Got it right before they started vanishing. I already picked up Corruption separately and the first two on the Gamecube, so I didn't have a need to open it until I was ready to play with the different controller scheme. Well… it's still in "the pile" waiting to be played and who knows if/when that day will come.

  7. Nice list. The only three I own are Fritz Chess, The Metroid Prime Trilogy Collector’s Edition and Ju-On: The Grudge and I never realized they were this expensive until very recently.

    Makes me glad I was able to pick them up as cheaply as I did.


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